Harvest Right Customer Service Story

We write a lot about the functionality and versatility of our in-home freeze dryers. By now you know they:

  • Provide a great return on your investment
  • Help you put away delicious food without degraded nutrients
  • They’re easy to use

What you don’t hear much about is what goes on behind the scenes. Once you buy a freeze dryer from us, you become part of an enthusiastic, creative group of people who are just as curious and excited about the possibilities of in-home freeze drying as we are.

We love seeing photos of what you’re freeze drying, we love the creative recipes you share, and we love it when folks stop by to see the freeze dryers in person, or pop in with freeze dried experiments for us to sample. We also love your stories and questions. We’re a tight-knit group around here, and that means that our customer service is extremely personalized. We want you to have fun and be happy with your new in-home freeze dryer!

Here’s a great letter we got last week from a customer describing her experiences with Harvest Right — from shopping to her first use of the appliance.

Thanks for letting us know, Margo C.!

In today’s marketplace, consumers often take for granted outstanding customer service. Not wishing to fall into that category, I want to take a moment to tell you about my experience purchasing, setting up and operating my freeze dryer.

Initially, I spoke with Brent Johnson over the phone. He invited me to come and see the appliance. When I arrived, Brent took me through your facility and spent over an hour answering my questions. He was very helpful. I didn’t feel rushed and he gave me all the information I needed to make a decision. I purchased the freeze dryer and additional trays with him. He told me to call him with any questions.

And I did. Once I got the machine home, I was nervous about setting it up and running it properly. Brent took my phone calls (sometimes more than once a day) over the next ten days, answering my questions and walking me through the process, until I was comfortable that everything was working as it should. He was always gracious and helpful. And when I called after finishing my first batch, he was as pleased as I was with the success.

Just wanted you to know that I think Brent is a great asset to your company. You’re lucky to have him on your team.

Sincerely, Margo C.

P.S. – My first batch is sealed, the machine is defrosting and I am excited to start the second batch of food. I know I’ll enjoy using my freeze dryer.


I love my freeze dryer. Use it almost everyday, but hoping someone can tell me if you should turn off machine between batches or is it better on circuit board to just leave machine on unless shutting it down for a long period. Thanks

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