Getting Ready for the Appalachian Trail

Gorgi Rigby not only turns 60 on June 22 but also starts a journey she has dreamed about for years – hiking the Appalachian Trail. Gorgi will be accompanied on this quest with her older sister Melanie. Melanie will turn 62 in August and is the mother of 5 children and 13 grandchildren.

The Rigby sisters have been spending months preparing for this adventure. Their early research quickly showed that one of the most important parts of a successful hike is packing lightweight, great-tasting food. Backpackers discovered a long time ago that freeze-dried food is the best food to keep a pack light yet still taste great, so the Rigby’s knew they wanted mostly freeze-dried food. A little more research revealed that there is no better freeze-dried food than what comes out of a freeze dryer from Harvest Right. The best part of home freeze drying is that you have total control of the meals, ingredients, and amounts when you are doing it yourself in a Harvest Right freeze dryer.

Now the sisters are packing up their freeze-dried food, along with the rest of their hiking gear, and are eagerly awaiting the start of their journey. This year their plan is to hike all of Maine and we hope to keep you updated on their adventure.

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