Freeze Drying Venison

Native Americans ate the animals that they could hunt and kill. The first Europeans in the New World used muskets to provide food for themselves. The meal at the very first Thanksgiving between pilgrims and Native Americans included venison. As far back as you can go, Americans have been eating venison, but why?

To many people, venison is a lot more than just a healthy bite of protein. It is low in fat. Venison has also always been widely available. The meat is free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and antifungals fed or injected into commercial livestock. 

For those that love venison, it is a shame to ever see any of that meat go to waste. Unfortunately, there have never been great ways to preserve the meat for long term. People try to preserve it by making it into jerky. While jerky can be a great snack, it is hard to use in an actual meal and there is only so much jerky a person can eat. Another way to try and preserve venison is to freeze it. The problems with freezing are that the meat can end up with freezer burn and if you ever lose power your meat will be ruined.

Freeze-dried (ground and cooked) venison.

The very best way to preserve venison is by freeze drying it. Freeze-dried meat can be stored for years without electricity and can be rehydrated in water to look and taste just like the meat did before it was freeze dried. Freeze-dried meat is also lightweight and is perfect to take on your next camping, hiking, or hunting trip.

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What would be the recommendation to freeze dry venison jerky. Do you have to cook before freeze dry or is it fine to freeze dry raw then be able to eat straight out the packaging

Freeze drying does not cook the food, so if you freeze dry raw meat, it will still be raw.
If I understand you question…

I question the shelf life of freeze dried meat. I have found that if it is use relatively soon it is good. If it has been a while, the fat tends to go rancid. I have freeze dried raw meat, I feel that cubed meat rehydrates much faster.

Use Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers and cool storage to maximize shelf life of oily foods.

Venison is very lean, so I add lard when cooking.

Help, can freeze drying venison kill or disable the CWD prions in the process of freeze drying. No info on this out there. I would like to know. Thanks

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