Tips on what makes the best RV food

RV by a lake

There’s nothing like packing up an RV or trailer and hitting the open road on an adventure. Traveling by RV is fun, perfect for families, and budget friendly. On average, an RV vacation is 50% less expensive than a normal vacation. A lot of the savings is in cutting out hotel and restaurant costs. Being able to take food you prepare at home with you on your vacation is a huge benefit, but it’s important to know what food works best in an RV. 

Things in an RV can move around, a lot. You do not want food in items that are breakable. Obviously, food in bottles and glass containers do not do well. It is also easier if your food is lightweight. The weight of an RV can quickly add up. Your gear will take up a lot of space and weight. You do not want your food to add to that bulk.

You also want your food to be shelf stable. One of the benefits of an RV is the ability to plug it in and have a working refrigerator, but the problem is you can’t stay plugged in while you are traveling from spot to spot. You never know when that working refrigerator may no longer actually work.

Freeze-dried food fits all these criteria. It is lightweight, shelf stable, and isn’t easily breakable. When you freeze dry food at home, it even allows you to take along your family’s favorite meals with you on the road. All you have to do is add water and you will have healthy, great-tasting meals that are easy to prepare. A freeze dryer from Harvest Right is perfect for the RV and trailer-life enthusiast.  Make sure to get your favorite snacks and meals freeze dried before your next RV adventure.


We want to freeze dry whole meal trays. what’s the procedure? Remove the shelf stack and use one tray in the barrel with a meal on it?

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