Why Are Zucchini So Prolific and What You Can Do About It?

hands holding a basket of green and yellow zucchini

Anyone that has ever grown zucchini in a garden knows just how easy it is to get buried in zucchini – like pounds and pounds of zucchini – and how fast it can happen. You turn your back for just five minutes and next thing you know you have a wheelbarrow full of zucchini. Soon you are searching for recipes that use zucchini – casseroles, side dishes, bread, brownies, grilled, and stuffed – anything to just use up your produce. Soon you are secretly leaving bags full of zucchini on your neighbor’s porch. Eventually, you give up and the zucchini grow to be the size of your leg before it rots in the garden. 

So, why is zucchini so prolific? The main reason is it is easy to grow zucchini. It can be planted in almost any soil and a plant that is given even minimal care can flourish. Zucchini also flowers more than other plants (such as peppers and eggplant) and it’s these flowers that are the key player in the plant producing fruit. A zucchini production is also cyclical. This means, the more you harvest, the more you can expect the plant to produce. 

a Harvest Right mylar bag, a marker, an oxygen absorber, and chopped freeze dried zucchini

The fact that it is easy to grow, flowers a lot, and has a cyclical production cycle makes it easy to grow so much zucchini that it eventually ends up going to waste. The best way to not waste your extra zucchini and enjoy it all year long is with a freeze dryer from Harvest Right. Freeze drying zucchini is simple and can easily be rehydrated allowing you to enjoy garden-fresh zucchini throughout the entire year. Using a home freeze dryer to preserve your zucchini and other garden produce locks in both the flavor and nutrition and can be stored on a shelf for years, making freeze-dried food even better than fresh! 


No, you don’t have to blanch zucchini. But, raw potatoes must be blanched or they will turn dark when you reconstitute them.

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