Where Does Harvest Right Fit in a Preparedness Plan?

There are many reasons that customers buy our freeze dryers. Many of these same customers have a preparedness plan, and may not even realize it. There is nothing complicated about being prepared. It is a great way to live, and Harvest Right has taken it to a new level. For many years, those who wanted freeze dried products had to resort to commercially offered foods. Expensive to purchase, they also didn’t allow us to control the contents.

  • Some people love our machines for the simplicity of maintaining a special diet. Allergies, sensitivities, and other requirements often make eating out difficult.
  • Some want to be able to grab this lightweight food and go on a trip or hike.
  • Others like knowing that they have bases covered if someone loses a job or a crisis hits.
  • There are customers who eat freeze dried food daily, such as truck drivers who prepare meals in the truck as they roll down the road.

These users may store a week of meals, months, or even years, with no danger of losing the supply. Harvest Right foods, when stored properly, will maintain their appeal and nutritional value for upwards of 15 years.

Cooking larger batches less often allows you to have food available… all the time; without cooking… all the time. This is one aspect of a food preparedness plan; we will call this one “stretching resources”. Using one energy unit, (whether it is the oven, grill or any other appliance) to cook several meals is wise and frugal. Conserving time by only cooking once instead of four or five times means that you have multiplied the hours in your days.

Purchasing items on sale to freeze dry allows you to build in protection from inflation. Pork loin purchased at $1.99 per pound is wonderful. When it climbs to $3.89, and you can walk away, choosing instead to pull out your reserve, it is gratifying. Produce is always cheaper in season, and honestly, the taste of a home-grown tomato from the freeze dryer is still going to be far superior to the flavor of a hothouse winter tomato.  Preserving your own food frees you from the clutches of the markets.

Another choice in preparing is the ability to freeze dry complete meals. Over the years, I averaged a couple thousand jars of canned goods every season. When the garden was done, I started on meats and soups. Although some things could be canned as meals, most jars contained ingredients. Safety is a huge consideration, and many things can’t be safely canned. Being able to make a pan of lasagna, or a pot of Spanish rice, and preserve the left-overs as a complete dish makes meals easier to serve when they are called into use. It opened doors into food preservation that could never have happened any other way.

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