New Freeze Dryer From Harvest Right

a black freeze dryer, captioned: New freeze dryers from Harvest Right

Better design and construction + Increased throughput!

  • Faster drying…25% less time. A batch that once took 30 hours can now be freeze dried 8 hours faster.
  • Touch screen moved to the top of the unit – making it easier to access and read.
  • Smaller in size but still has the same great capacity as the older models.
  • Nicer, less industrial look includes no bulky fasteners on the front and sides.
  • New unit keeps the food trays perfectly level. Yet, the chamber still slopes front to back for drainage purposes. 
  • Sturdy interior and exterior design makes the unit stronger. Won’t get damaged when moved or shipped.
  • No adjustable feet on the bottom of the unit. Better protection for internal components with the addition of a bottom plate which completely covers the base of the freeze dryer.

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graphic showing old design and new design of the Harvest Right Freeze dryers
freeze dried food in jars, freeze dried ice cream sandwiches, freeze dried berries


I would think not, the freeze drying process Is all about removing the liquid from the product, first it’s frozen, then the vacuum lowers the airpressure in the chamber and it’s slowly heated, this causes the frozen liquid to vaporize into a gas without going through a liquid faze.

Pure water will not freeze dry because there is nothing that will remain after the sublimation process. Now things with sugars and starches in them will leave those things behind. Remember the whole point of Freeze Drying is the drying part. Meaning no liquids will be left behind, thus water will be completely gone and only particles will remain.

its already been proven on youtube, but, the left over from the liquids that were freeze dried, was coffee, in the one I saw, so, technically, the liquid was removed, and the coffee, cream, sugars and such were left over after the process… he even did milk…..

We milked the cow early in the morning. Poured the milk into the Freeze dryer trays. Each tray held about 3litres of fresh milk. The milk powder is pale yellow – tastes delicious. It contains all the cream/buttermilk. It reconstitutes quickly – a rich creamy milk straight from the cow. To make scramble eggs, I mix dried eggs and dried milk together with some water and seasoning.

Pre-freeze liquids before placement in older units because of the slanted position in order for defrosted water to drain. New units slant in the drum itself and therefore, trays can be filled while they are in the machine and on the racks.
I have two sets of trays and pre-freeze foods to make cycles faster. Just pop in pre-prepped trays after defrost cycle is finished.

You people are confusing “liquid” with “water”. Water is what the machine removes. Liquids usually, but not always contain water. oil is liqid, but the freeze dryer doesn’t remove it. Most other edibles contain water which is what freeze dryer ramoves. I’m no expert but I believe the reason for using airtight container with oxygen displacer is to keep the oils and other things from oxidizing, which produces , guess what, water!

oxygen absorber reduces oxidation – ie gross flavor – oxidized oil is disgusting in very small amounts – the metallized mylar keeps out the moisture (water) good enough for storage (very low MVTR – google it), but enough oxygen gets through that you want the absorbers in there. Oxygen and water are 2 different things in this context.

how about vacuum packing in glass canning jars. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer FCARWJAH-000 Wide-Mouth Jar Kit with Regular Sealer and Accessory Hose. Made my own deep vacuum unit because the FoodSaver rechargeable hand unit did not draw deep enough vacuum to take out all oxygen.


Yes I use my Harvestright freeze dryer to vacuum pack some of my freeze dried foods inside of recycled spaghetti sauce jars. Typically they hold a good deep vacuum for a very long time. Some I have are 3 yr old now & I have never had a vacuum fail on me yet. Only problem I have had.. if I put too deep a vacuum on a jar, they can be a real bugger to open!

We paid about $2400 for ours. If you have a Home Depot card, you can buy from Home Depot and do payments.

Is this on all current freeze dryers on your site today? Are all units on your site of this type now? Also do you need the oil free pump for the speed increase?

I am from Watson Saskatalchewan CANADA, I am interested I a unit or two. Would you open to me becoming a distributor as I have a network of contacts that may be interested in purchasing more units. Our weak Canadian does make you product quit expensive, is there way to off set the price.

It looks better.

Is the noise issue been improved?

What are the db of the new models v/s the old models?

Do the new models include the new compressor?

What are the new models price ranges?

I too would like the answer to these questions. Most of the issues are inconveniences but the noise is stopping me from buying one. I have a small house and no place to put it that wouldn’t keep my husband and me awake at night.
Thank you

Reconstituting ice cream is not the best idea. Freeze dried Ice cream makes wonderful easy snack just the way it is. Otherwise known as “Astronaut ice cream”.

Have also been told that freeze drying grilled cheese sandwiches, first cutting into small pieces make wonderful croutons for tomato soup. Have not had a chance to try that yet.

hello, this is Dr. Jordan in NC. I have made a payment plan with you for the original model. is it possible to apply my payments to the new model?

I had the same question and I was told that because HR has zero storage, the layaway plan is only financial so when our layaway terms are met, the new models are shipped. They have no more old models to ship. Yay!

Please send me the cost of purchasing the medium one, and also could you please estimate electricity cost of running? Am 91 yrs old and the cost would be a question for us. Thank you for introducing us to the modern way of extending the life of our garden yield.

Your new design looks great…very sleek. Nice to see the upgrades…I want one, as does my aunt up North. the price is an issue for me right now. I have only a desire to purchase this item for a while now, no other big-ticket item.

I’m interested in the medium size freeze-dryer, and also in the new model/design.

I’d be glad to hear a little bit more about it. The units available in the “Shop” tab present this new specs?

Thank you!

is there a location where we can see a unit in operation and taste the product after drying?


Is there anywhere in the UK to purchase a freeze drier. All purchases from abroad attract customs duty.
Many thanks in anticipation of your reply.
Maureen Fishwick

A more streamlined design. Looks to be a decent improvement on a quality product. Might be time to buy!

Hello Joy, We have had a Freeze Dryer for several years. We imported it from America. We have been self-sufficient for over forty years. We store all of our harvest this way. In particular this type of preserving protects us from drought and seasonal climatic disturbances.

I am very interested; but cannot afford at this time. I have set my goals on owning one in the near future. Looks like the best way to store food.

I have the medium size and absolutely love it. I haven’t been double stacking (and may try that on the next batch) and can freeze dry 12 medium sized Honey Crisp Apples in one batch. The apples are to die for. Just letting you know how many apples per batch. My kids and 16 grandkids just want freeze dried fruit for Christmas so I have had my freeze dryer running non stop since August. Maybe made the mistake of giving friends samples because I was so excited and now that is all they want too. Just saying, you may want the medium size. My son has a garden so we freeze dried his corn….so sweet. Again to die for!

My husband’s mother is 93 years old. We sent her freeze dried fruits to help her eat healthy and as a treat. Since her appetite is not enough to eat a full apple, she can eat a slice here and there with no waste and preparation. Great to buy foods when on sale and have all year long.

This is amazing! I am o disability income and so challenging to eat healthy. Would help me tremendously

I would like some more information on how to clean and maintain this newest model. One of the reasons that we have not purchased one as yet, is because it sounded like a lot of work and up keep to use one.

Requiero costos de equipos nuevos, programa y tiempo de mantenimiento y reparacion para San Diego CA.. Muestras de frutas y vegetales liofilizados.
Se requiere capacitacion para la utilizacion?

I have always wanted a freeze dryer. I love freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Would be a dream come true for me.

That is great! One time can freeze dried how many kg? Do u have for 1 time 3kg or above ? How much is the new machine? Can I freeze dried liquid? If the requirements match. If I order one. Thank-you very much

I seen on YouTube (of course) that it is easiest to attach another unit for purging the oil automatically. Is this correct or no longer needed on the new units, as I did not see it listed in Accessories?


This is a good improvement. Even though I haven’t purchased your product at the moment. It is something we are close to purchasing in few months time as we change our business direction from Raw fresh cold pressed juice to exotic freeze dried powder blends.

We’ll like to know the capacity and cost of the commercial models. Up till now we don’t know the difference between the home large models and the commercial models. We’ll appreciate if you share the difference with us so as to help us in our financing. Thank you.

I’m interested in freeze-drying frozen books recovered from a water disaster. Do you think your product will work for to dry frozen books?

What are the dimensions of the units. Where is the oil sold if you don’t buy the unit for oil-less? How much electricity does it use how effeicient is it on electricity?

When U Freeze Dry Liquid Ur Left With the Solid That Was In The liquid.
Because All Liquid Is Removed Just Like Kool-Aid, & other crystalline drink products…

I would buy this in a heart beat EXCEPT I need to know how loud it REALLY is. This question has been asked but not addressed yet. I don’t care about the high maintenance but I have a small house, if I were to put it in my garage, the noise would keep us awake all night. If I put it outside, It would add our neighbors to the list of those awake all night. Please let me know. If you would call me with one running in the background I would have an answer to that question. Maybe a You Tube clip would help.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The freeze dryer (technically, the vacuum pump) does produce a little noise (about 63 decibels). Most customers put their freeze dryer in a utility room, storage room, garage, extra bedroom, basement, etc. – and they don’t notice the noise.

The noise is like having a washing machine in your tv room. It’s machine…..and we figure that machines make noise. We placed our Freeze Dryer in the laundry. We love our Freeze Dryer.

I have an older model, medium size unit . Used it for a year and have tried all types of food; peaches, apples, pineapple, mangos, strawberries, rasberrries, blackberries, tomatoes carrots,green beans, soups, steak, ham, tuna, chicken. I don’t recommend the green beans, but everything else is wonderful. I just did a batch of 14 large mangos. They come out as chips very delicious. Dave Coleman

I picked the beans from my garden before breakfast. Tail, topped and sliced them diagonally. They were perfect in my freeze dryer.

I read the constant oil changing after every use was a hassle. Has this been addressed in this improved model?

The new model makes the draining easier than it was previously. Doing this takes a couple of minutes and is very easy to do. Some opt for the oil free pump so that they don’t have to do this.

can the new update be purchased yet? I need the pre-freezed option. I purchased a machine in early 2016.

What are the power requirements: voltage, current, type of socket for the medium, home freeze drier?

The freeze dryers all run on regular 110 power outlets. The only exception is the large freeze dryer needs a 20 amp circuit (still 110 outlet).

Numerous customers have reported freeze drying seeds and testing them for germination. We have seen great results from customers (80%+ successful growth).

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