Freeze-Dried Skittles

freeze dried skittles

Freeze-dried Skittles are all the rage with the Harvest Right crowd and we definitely think they’re worth a try.

There’s no real reason to preserve Skittles for long-term storage, but freeze drying them makes them crunchy instead of chewy. The flavor is even more intense, and you don’t have that stick-to-your-teeth sensation. To freeze dry Skittles, just place them in a single layer on a Harvest Right freeze dryer tray and process in your home freeze dryer. The inside filling will expand, cracking the candy shell and doubling the size of the candy. Sometimes they come out in really odd shapes, which just ups the fun factor.

Freeze-dried Skittles have a powerful tangy flavor that pairs nicely with salted peanuts. Freeze-dried mini marshmallows have a creamy flavor that cuts through the citrus of the Skittles, so a half-and-half combination is extra tasty.

Freeze-dried Skittles
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Freeze drying Skittles is just one of the many, many foods that can be preserved in a home freeze dryer. So, if you’re looking for the best way to preserve food for you and your family, you’re going to love the Harvest Right freeze dryer. This one-of-a-kind freeze dryer allows a family to preserve the meals, fruits, vegetables, meats and snacks they love to eat. Freeze drying is remarkable because, unlike other methods of preserving, it does not shrink or toughen food, and retains flavor, color, shape, and nutritional content.

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What kind of machine do you use to make freeze dried candy? I’m keep trying to Google it and can’t find anything it keeps saying a dehydrator but then it says the dehydrator does not work LOL

Harvest Right is the only maker of Home Freeze Dryers. You can buy directly from them, or, one of their resellers.

Wish there were a way to make monthly payments to buy. Several thousand dollars just isn’t in my budget.

I purchased through a reseller that works with several third party finance companies. You end up paying more in the long-term, but it’s worth every penny spent!!

In my medium trays I think I can fit about 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 c. Just make sure to leave a little space between (don’t pack them in the tray) because they need room to expand.

Does the shelf temperature have any affect on how the skittles change? I ran a batch of a few items and the skittles did not really change, still flat and chewy. 55F shelf setting from factory, 33 Hr total cycle.

We put them in and let the freeze dryer figure out how long it takes. It is normally well under 24 hours.

I tried the yogurt covered skittles. Turned out yummy. Came out after 25 hours a little soft but after sitting out for just a couple of minutes the coating turned hard. I will be doing these again!

A lot of people will add extra dry time to their cycles and add skittles then, is that a safe way to process them?

I just filled all my trays (about 1 1/2 cups per tray), spread them around so they had growing room and ran a regular cycle. It took less than 12 hours and they are perfect!!! My family loves them!

How much weight do the skittles lose when freeze dried?
Just wondering if you want 2ozog skittles once freeze dried, how much you’d have to start with. Thanks

I have not used freeze time with skittles just the dry time at 150° for 2 hours but I warm the tray for 4-5 minutes and they get huge and crunchy. Is there a different way to do it with the gummy candies?

We have several XL commercial/home freeze dryers and the freeze dried skittles are our best seller. Takes a under 2 hours to freeze dry to perfection! Tip: Do not warm the trays.

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