How Freeze Drying Saves Money

freeze dried food spilling out of jars

A family of four can freeze dry enough food to get a full return on the investment on a home freeze dryer with in a year. The ability to freeze dry food is a total game-changer for the family budget. food being put into a freeze dryerYou’ll reduce grocery bills by being able to buy food in bulk and take advantage of sales, preserve the harvest from your garden (or surplus from someone else’s), and save leftovers instead of throwing them away.

You’ll also find you spend less on restaurants and convenience foods – when you have a store of delicious meals that are easy to reconstitute, there are no more weeknight or weekend morning food emergencies. You can also make your own travel snacks and meals instead of buying pricey packaged food – which are often loaded with salt, sugar or other added preservatives.

Individuals and couples will also realize cost savings because a home freeze dryer allows you to make recipes meant for 4 to 6 and preserve the rest for later, even 25 years later! freeze dried eggs in a bag in a blue backpackA home freeze dryer can really help you embrace the ability to cook once and eat for a week!

Of course, our freeze dryers plug into standard 110 outlets and are designed to be energy efficient. We know you don’t want to save money at the grocery story just to spend it on electricity!

As you realize the possibilities of your home freeze dryer, you’ll find even more ways to use it to save time and money. If you’d like to save more on your household budget this year, order your own freeze dryer today so you can get started right away.


I have a small 3 tray HR dryer for two of us. Just made a large batch of chicken noodle soup w/veggies, strained all the solids and pre-freeze, then I pressure canned the broth for use in re-hydrating. This saves me extra process time on the FD! I love my little freeze dryer, brand new and only my second batch. Bought family size frozen dinner stuff and freeze dried it yesterday.

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