Our New TV Commercial — What Would You Show Out the Window?

We just produced a brand new TV commercial about the value of Harvest Right freeze dryers! We thought we’d ask our Harvest Right fans for their clever ideas for what other possible scenes we could show out the windows at the end of the commercial. We’ll pick one person to win a $250 Amazon gift card! So click on our TV commercial below and enter your idea in the comments section of this blog post. You have until December 13th to do so, and we’ll pick a winner on December 17th. We’ll announce the winner on social media. So get your creative juices flowing!

Harvest Right “Future: City”


A zombie apocalypse, with them looking in the windows at the family eating a fabulous meal prepared from freeze dried food

I would put some kind of scene where some of your relatives were handing out some food to those in an apocolytic event, showing that the family had planned way ahead and was thinking of people too to help in a disastrous event. If much more people would prepare now and stocked up they may be able to save alot of people if and when a disaster strikes and the thought of saving alot of people would put a smile on our families faces, so they could live another day or indefinately. The problem is, alot of people don’t think a disaster could happen, but for those that do know it is coming should also save some food for those that did not prepare, even if it is rice handouts, beans etc.

I envision an apocalyptic event : another Great Flood..Family with their farm animals on their own Arc or boat..through the window you see the chaos of the flood, storms, tsunami like waves..

P.s, of all the sweepstakes I entered, I had hoped of really winning this most of all, because the price is out of my range to buy, so I have to stock up on stuff that lasts a long time on shelf like beans, rice and spam, so this would make me one happy person if I could win one of these. I enter contests for cars and house’s, but this is really what I had hoped to win, the freeze dryer. Thanks for the opportunity to win one and I hope you have more contests in the future for one!

Your landscape as it shows now is much too desolate looking. I would prefer to see a more close-up version of a cityscape,- perhaps along the lines of J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series of police procedural s, which are set in 2050’s New York City. These have elevated roads/walkways as well as both horizontal and vertical people-movers.

with so many natural disasters around us many things could be applied to the window scene. I can relate to crops drying up due to now water to blizzards that shut off supply to the stores. So maybe trees shown in the summer without leaves due to drought or earlt spring freeze. Just a thought!

Hello, I love the fact that you can store food for that length of time. I would love to have a garden of plenty with all the fruits and vegies one can store. Maybe a picture of a Farmers Market incorporated with global warming causing a lack of some of our most needed products.

Well of course there’ll be all the usual out the window views (smog, nuclear explosions, global warming..etc) but I think it would be great to have some type of scene of Planet of the Apes, Astronauts on a Mars colony, or possibly space travelers. I’ve seen what the Astronauts on the International Space Station get to eat and I’m sure they would prefer a HarvestRight freeze dried meal instead!

Out the window you see guests arriving (human, android, aliens, etc) in the spaceships; the background you see spaceships heading to and from space stations and planets.

I think it’d be cool to see a Mars landscape – Mankind has colonized Mars, the family has moved there and all the houses outside the window are in bubbles. There could be small flying space crafts, or mars rovers, etc.

Flying saucers attacking the city, beginning the death-ray blasts to buildings and residents. Does that make this the last supper or are we waiting for Tom Cruise to pop up?

the camera pans to the window, it is dark but there is a light illuminating the falling snow and there is snow almost to the top already – snowed in!!!

Avoiding the prevalence of Zombies, I would probably go with a futuristic cityscape and flying cars. Like what you have but a bit ‘more’.

Astronauts with arm loads of meat and vegitables that they are loading into a freeze dryer with a rocket ship next to them. On the rocket ship ,is writen “Mars or Bust”

I would show a farmstead out the window displaying a garden of all the food shown on the table along with some chickens and turkeys and cows.

It would be more appropriate to show a series of GMO marketers out the window.
Such as GMO Farms then GMO Market & GMO Packers. Then the value of
freeze dried produce grown organically at a time when “Organic Produce” was still legal to obtain and grow.

I think you could certainly show flying cars, or Jetsons-type vehicles.

I do NOT like that you are showing UFOs shooting down buildings because it is reminiscent of the Twin Towers being shot down on September 11, 2001.

I don’t think the future will be all that high-tech twenty-five years from now. I envision more of a back to earth subsistence future so I would show out the window an extensive garden or an orchard of fruit trees.

I would show a beautiful futuristic picture of food growing in almost mad made environments if that makes sense

I actually like the idea that’s already their with the space invaders….you could build on it with this, though: Have an alien peek through that window, into the house, and have him give a “thumbs up” to the destroyer ships. The gesture would be interpreted as “These people are good people because they conserve, so don’t annihilate this house”.

Love the commercial! However, for the uninformed viewer, they might get the impression that it takes 25 years to freeze dry a meal. I would hope your intended audience would know better.

While there is much buzz about a bleak future for the Mother Earth, I would like to see something perhaps of a very”water world”sort of scene, with futuristic space craft and tips of volcanos smoking up out of the water, a sense of life but no farmlands…
Also, would love to see more COLOR in your food stuffs and table setting; it looks a bit pale.

Hurrah for HarVestRight and such a marvelous technology! I hope to own one very, very soon! Thanks and Happy Holidays

If I was doing the commercial, I would have a desert scene with dry cracked earth. Famine and water shortage is a much more realistic future problem. (I wouldn’t do the aliens and space ships..it really discredits your great product and well, quite frankly leaves a cheap taste impression. yes, it’s funny…but it’s not practical.) I’m not going to spend $4,000 dollars on space ship protection. I would do a commercial on the various other uses than just to stick it away to gather dust. There’s so much more to freeze drying food then that. It makes for SUPER QUICK healthy meal options, great for camping as well as emergencies.

What could best stand for the freshness of freeze dried foods? A beautiful scene of an abundant harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables outside of a country farm house window!

My idea would be to have the scenery changing in the background but there be a glitch in the video wall and you see that they’re living underground.

“My idea”,is to show out the window, the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven,the return of Jesus Christ with many people gathered and looking upwards, and rejoicing, while you all go on eating, oblivious to it,just like the video you have now. Since all your customers would have made it,all the way until the 2nd coming of Christ,without running out of Freeze dried food,that’s the whole idea, to make it to the end time,without running out of food, isn’t it?.

Picture yourself sittng at Thanksgiving dinner inside your futuristic Biodome on the surface of the moon. Outside you have a stunning view of other Biodomes and a beautiful blue and white earth on the horizon.

Great commercial! I would like to see a link added to show how it is setup,what costs are expected for maintenence. this would be the very next thing people want to know if they are interested.It would filter out those lookie loos and get you more solid leads.

I think a barren landscape with stumps and branches left for trees would be a scary backdrop for that normal, beautiful feast.

Start with a lake, shoreline, trees, lots of vegetation, fat stuffed scarecrow in garden

Last shot, dried up lake bed, dead trees on shower line, no vegetation, wind blowing dust, a few tied together sticks were the scarecrow was with a tattered straw hat.

A delicious easy to prepare good ole American Goulash

2 lbs lean ground beef
1 medium onion
1 medium green pepper
1 jar of Classico Tomato Basil or which ever sauce you prefer
2 cups elbow macaroni
1 16 oz can diced tomatoes
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

Brown ground beef until done.
Meanwhile, dice onion and green pepper.
Add onions, green pepper, tomatoes, tomato juice, and macaroni.
Salt and pepper
Cook on medium low heat for 45 minutes.
Serve with a sprinkling of Parmesan

I loved the commercial as it is …… into the future and how it has changed. If I changed the commercial, in this day of fears, I would show how important that food may be (for our children and grandchildren) in another 25 years. I would love to own one. but that is something I will never be able to afford.
Thank You,
Nancy Ford

GREAT IDEA!! Rather than show a destructive basis in the background …negative oriented, you could perhaps use a weather related scene showing storm clouds, thunder and rain etc.. Either way it brings out that freeze drying provides high quality long lasting food preservation. I hope that it brings you much success!


Beautifully done commercial . One of the best that I have seen ! , it doesn’t want me to pull my hair out , like all those redundant , make no sense , immature commercials out there . You should run it


With all the talk about the volcanos erupting in the US and the earthquakes splitting the US into two pieces at the Mississippi River. Also we are supposed to entering into a 200 year ice age. I would show all the weather and natural disasters out of the window.

Have a Jurastic Park Scene, with T-Rex, the flying dinos and the active volcano in the back ground, you could probably, ask the movie makers, for rights to borrow, just enough of one of those movies, for this end of your TV commercial.
However, if the focus audience is meant to see our, Harvestright’s first image, then one of a Great Harvest Scene, in the Kansas, Nebraska and everywhere Harvesting, the Greatest Bounty!

The Greatest Bounty, we HarvestRight!

Ok, the Space invasion is pretty far out there and very un likely. What I would show is a great line of people lined up to get their daily rations from a fema truck or perhaps maybe some sort of fema camp. As the people at the front of the line get a small bag of rations they complain about how it’s not enough to feed them and there family and many of the members of the mob try and take the rations from the few that were lucky enough to receive some.

wow this is a tough one. how about a bunch of freeze dried food flying thru the air or perhaps a picture of a harvestright delivery vehicle of some sort flying to make a delivery to someone/place

I like the idea of the flying saucers but not total world destruction, maybe a world that looks like its been destroyed and zombies outside kept at bay by a large fence as the family is safe inside with their food supply

I really liked this commercial. The space ships may be a little too strange though. One of the reasons why people may want to freeze dry food is for times where the food supply may not be as abundant. I would probably make the background look more like a land that has experienced a severe drought, where the grass is dead and brown and the trees are the same. Maybe some tumbleweeds blowing across the barren, dried up landscape. To me it really shows the importance of taking the time to freeze dry as much as possible. With the world the way it is now, it is a great idea to be prepared!

Rather than a futuristic view of the world I would show a countryside, with evergreens touched with snow and , perhaps some woodland animals.

I would love to see a nature scene. Showing how some things stay the same, like the preservation of food with the Harvest Right Freeze dryer!

Our window? Probably my filly, who learned to escape from the pasture at 5 minutes old and who gets better at it all the time. She’s looked in the kitchen window before–NOW I realize she was only looking for freeze-dried carrots and apples!

I think the window should show a city torn apart by a hurricane or a twister. Maybe have some debris and rain flying around outside; with the power flickering off and on. All the while the family is inside cozy and eating a nice dinner.

The most beautiful thing to see outside the dining room window 25 years from now, would be a forest garden. With berry bushes, herbs and fruit trees.

As the family enjoys a wonderfully cooked meal, you should show a terrible blizzard or severe snow storm out the window.

I would show no food available so that is why we are eating our freeze dried food. And it looks as good as when we dried it.

A squirrel putting away nuts in perhaps a winter scene, which would drive home the storage and keeping of good, dry foods.

At the end of the commercial, Bigfoot is walking past the window eating the turkey drumstick that was freeze-dried.

I think hungry people should be looking though the window with a thought bubble above bubble above their head (saying BOY THAT LOOKS ALOT BETTER THAN SOYLENT GREEN!)

I would start it off showing a bunch of little kids playing in the yard then the 25 years later show those same kids as adults in the yard with their kids.

Show the Statue of Liberty buried up to her neck in sand and ash with smoke and flames all around.
Just a slightly apocalyptic suggestion; no need to panic. 😉

I like the spaceship idea, but I think it’d be neat to flip it–make it so that the family is living inside a spaceship and orbiting a strange planet with two moons. Leave the dining room as it is, but looking out the window, you’d see a portion of a large planet and it’s moons in the far distance while the ship leisurely skirted around the planet.

If you want to add silliness, let a green alien with suction cupped hands & feet, crawl on the outside of the window, eye the food and lick the glass.

Fashion is such an important part of the way in which we communicate our identity to others, and for a very long time it’s meant dress: the textile garments on our body. But in the coming decades, I think there’ll be much more emphasis on other manifestations of fashion and different ways of communicating with each other, different ways of creating a sense of belonging and of making us feel great about ourselves.

I think a healthy active looking family playing goofy muddy football outside would be a great example of the energy and happiness attained from healthy family meals eaten together.

I don’t know, what you have is pretty awesome. Perhaps a Zombie Apocalyptic background with the Zombies looking longingly through the windows at the food on the table?

I actually like it the way it is with the futuristic scene … maybe you could show Santa in a spaceship fly by their window … with robot reindeer “drawing” the “sleigh!”

I would have a massive blizzard as that is a more immediate danger and some people don’t think about worst case scenarios.

Have the home be in a spaceship orbiting a desolate earth.

2nd choice would be hey dusty dead crop with wind howling by.

I think it would be a great idea to show a store with bare shelves, then pan down the street with bare garden bare so it looks desolate and then show that the people with the freeze dryer still have an abundant dinner being served regardless. This is why we are stocking our shelves against.

You sent me a sample; and I can’t believe how good it is! It certainly beats any frozen food I’ve had! My problem is your quatity! I’m over 80 and live alone and would love to use your products if I could buy a few at a time online!

I think there should be a giant billboard visible in the distance outside the windows. It reads: “No more wasted leftovers! Harvest Right.

I think it would be great to see a few aliens, walking outside the windows, with signs that ask if they can join the family for a Turkey dinner too!

I would show a thunder storm out the window with a great deal of wind blowing. Most areas of our country get thunder storms where as tornados and blizzards are not as commmon. It’s more realistic and power outages seem to have increased with the more tumultuos weather as of late.

Sometime a big meal is just too much for a family of two. With a Harvest Right Freeze dehydrator. You cook once, Freeze Dry and seal up into smaller meal portions. Dinner is easy as boiling water. Yum. I homemade food but, sometimes I make too much for my small family to consume in a couple of meals. This would make life so much easier. As a full time caregiver to my Father during the day it’s difficult to have a hot homemade meal ready when my husband & I arrive home. Owning a a Harvest Right Freeze dehydrator would be amazing!

1. Zombies of course
2. A commune of survivors
3. Mad Max
4. View out the window of barren land in beginning at the end a lush landscape of fruits & vegetables. You got to have hope after all!!

I would not use the background you are right now – maybe zombies but not aliens – I like the idea of snow and trees and animals dressed in clothes

A roadside vegetable and fruit stand, staged in a city setting, so everyone can know the benefit even if isn’t homegrown produce.

I liked what y’all provided! It’s futuristic and shows that time has passed, yet the freeze drier is very much still relevant!????????

Show a disheveled couple walking by Windows and squeezing some sort of “glop” that is supposed to be their meal. One looks at the other as they look into the homes Windows and says, “See, I told you we should have bought a Harvestright Dehydrator!”

Definitely don’t like the smoking buildings out the window. A flashback to 9-11? Horrible. Not pleasant at all and nothing I care to see at my Thanksgiving dinner. I’m ok with futuristic, show kids on flying bikes or something, anything would be better than burning buildings!

A UFO beaming up a HARVESTRIGHT freeze dryer. Everyone at the table is frozen, but their food is also being beamed up to the same UFO. PEACE has overcome the entire city, and happiness has returned to the land. Who knew that is what the aliens wanted from us all this time – HARVESTRIGHT has saved the day, and all of humanity.

Sure. We actually have a two of those kinds of commercials too. We run them on national TV and the Blaze TV quite a bit.

The earth being attacked is not a very appealing theme for a commercial. If we are sticking with futuristic, I would have the aliens taking the dinner, not destroying the world.

I would stay away from alien invaders. It is more likely that the economy and or the government would collapse. Perhaps some National Guardsmen and tanks in the street.

Outside the window there will be a yellow-green sky with rows and rows of blackened, dried up crops and a giant dust storm brewing on one side. You could throw in some giant tumbleweed and dilapidated homes.

Show out the windows a table on the deck covered in various size bowls overflowing with every kind of garden veggies straight from a bountiful garden in the back ground soon to be freeze dried for the future.

ok, continue the alien theme:

have a giant alien space vacuum trying to suck the food off of our dinner table. Then, you could have an asterisk stating the vacuum pump size is not to scale and to stay away from giant space alien vacuums as the freezedryer will not protect you against giant space aliens or their vacuums.

cut screen to:

thank you for buying HarvestRight, your choice for home freezedrying food.

How about zombies roaming around in the background. Everybody is always joking about the zombie apocalypse, even non preppers talk about it.

Dinosaurs out the windows sounds good to me. I know it’s weird but if scientists are resurrecting viruses, why not dinosaurs in your futuristic windows?

At the of the commercial I would show in the window very inclement weather; multiple tornadoes, lightning, power lines bursting, and things flying around in the wind (cars, trees).

The world has gone to hell, everything is is broken, worn out, aged and in disrepair. Even the people and home inside. They are older, clothes in tatters but the freeze dried food is beautiful and abundant. Show containers of it stored. Or maybe they are living in a fallout or storm shelter?

Yours is the onky suggestion I saw that even made sense! All the nonsense about zombies…..nothing about that would make me want to purchase anything!!

I would say the view of another planet or the moon. We took the freeze-dried food with us. I like some of the other ideas here too, such creative thinkers. Realistically our space stations are already eating protein packs and freeze dried foods. I would love to win one of these as I’m a homemaker and we are in the process of buying farm land and plan to have a big garden. Good luck everyone and thank you for allowing us all a chance to win.

I think there should be zombies at the window beating on the window trying to get in and the town should look deserted beside the zombies in the street…wooo hooo

You would see other house-sized domes, connected to each other by walkway tubes, located on Mars or other space colony. In a couple of the domes you would see vegetables and fruit trees growing and people picking them. Outside the domes is a young child in a green astronaut space suit who is your “little green man.”

I would show a desolate scene with a tattered bilboard advertising from a time long ago, before things went bad.

I would LOVE to have a freeze dryer. You could see 4 or 5 encased store houses out the windows marked open in 25 years..

Maybe a Christmas scene .
I don’t think it needs to be to terrible or futuristic. I know the world doesn’t look to different today than it did 25 years ago and I don’t for see it being any different in 25 years. Maybe a station on the moon or mars.

I know how about a bunch of old geezers sitting at the table reminiscing over when they planned and prepared the meal instead of just the food on the table

i would like to see a photo of earth circling in the background as if the family was in a space ship and you could see earth from a distance as we float in space eating our dinner.

I think of why it’s good to have a storage of freeze dried food to eat in times of emergency: a severe drought scene, with parched fields of corn dried up and dead, a broken down tractor or combine sitting idle, a house with a dried up yard and garden, and a sign stating “no irrigation water available”. But because the family planned ahead with a Harvest Right freeze dryer, they have delicious food to eat.

I think it would be nice to show a couple getting married and putting up the food to use now and later. Then switch to the same couple but elderly getting some food out with their wedding date on it and enjoying it just as much as the day they got married!

Of course this scenario requires a scene themed from the movie Time Machine. The cave dwellers (white furred, long claws) peering in the window with their mouths watering. Huge laugh. Enjoy.

Considering the demographics of your target market, I think they realize that the most likely scenarios they will be insuring against (prepping) with a home Freeze drying machine…is economic collapse and runaway inflation. Somehow depict a scene conveying the collapse with food prices splking up by 5000%. And there they are enjoying there “investment”. I know that’s how i intend to justify the purchase.

The family has to leave post haste due to emergency( fire, flood, earthquake, etc,) and they are grabbing their 72 hour kits and a family member says “do we have enough food?” The Mother or Father or teenage girl says” We have ice cream, Christmas Dinner, smores, roasted veggies, pumpkin and apple pie, Yogurt for breakfast. ” We will never be hungry because it is so lightweight and will last us longer than this or any emergency. It shows the children showing each other the food and saying “not to worry we have freeze dried enough food for months/years. They either walk away from their home in the late afternoon when it is getting twilight or get in the car and you see the headlights of other cars all leaving town.

A man an woman in white coats standing in a morgue someone comes with an invite and hands it to them, with smiles on their faces they turn to the morgue and using a remote, all the doors open and the shelves slide out, and all who have been freeze dried in their dinner outfits of the future, hop off the shelves and head toward the window with the note that says,Your invited, it’s been 25 years, “Dinners Ready”! OR (A Bear waking up from a long winters nap, with snow around and trees and a lake).

I would like to see something underwater. Maybe having dinner but under the sea. When you look out the window you see fish, coral, and the people live in their cozy underwater home.

Nothing cheesy like spaceships (let’s face it, they used it in advertising 50 years ago and we’re still not flying around in Jetson mobiles…) Let’s not go back there, it cheapens your product. Why try to be like everyone else, …your product is unique and special.
Since you’re advertising freeze dried foods, I would have a blizzard scene with snow piled high, showing just the tips of trees or a city skyline in the background, a deer slogging through the snow….Orr, a dry cracked desert earth outside with a few scraggly vegetables trying to grow through the cracks….

They’re on a space station and you see a beautiful unknown galaxy full of bright stars and planets stretched out as far as the eye can see. Maybe a space shuttle or a shooting star, some other worldly creatures…. the possibilities are endless.

I would like to see scenes of people camping, hiking or fishing etc. and also enjoying their freeze dried meals. This would demonstrate the many uses and benefits of freeze dried foods.

The window should actually be doors to the attached greenhouse spilling over with fresh produce & the machine set up & ready to go.

While your current version visuals is adequate and appropriate, I, personally, think that the imagery from the video for “Another Way To Die” (see https://youtu.be/HwELajFteTo ) is much more relevant and more than powerful enough to enhance you messaging because for no other reason that it is actually the situation facing many individuals right now… not at some point in a distant future.

BTW Hoping to get the Freeze Dryer we have on deposit right now very soon after new years… since we do not close on our new property (to replace the home that was completely destroyed by arsonists this past Halloween) until Dec 29th … this new home has almost two acres of workable growing space (much better than our current 300 square feet of raised beds and if we were to win actual win this HarvertRight contest another freeze dryer would be definitely be put to good use to advancing our family’s work with the local food banks and soup kitchens…

Our community food exchange group in partnership with other local gardeners and farm producers, who graciously allow our members to glean their crops, has delivered over 26,000 lbs of nutritious food to soup kitchens, food banks, and need families throughout the entire province in just our first 2 full years. Having the ability to store this extreme bounty for longer terms would do much to address the biggest problem these services and organizations face – the “feast or famine” effect that happens with these large influxes of fresh perishable produce donations due to lack of adequate long term and refrigerated storage and/or freezer space.

I want to look on the bright side – blue sky, bright sun – a barn. kitchen garden, flowers, and animals – chickens, ducks, goats, a milk cow,maybe a miniature donkey, dog, cat(s)

I think you should show people in the future taking a pill that has replaced real food because that is all that is available to those who did not prepare by freeze drying.

It’s a great way to eat healthy, show positive thoughts. Why use negative thoughts to sell. It’s a great product to have to keep your family happy and chemical free

the seen : some time in the near future a storm, a after math of global power outage family sharing their freeze dried bounty of food prepared by their harvest right product weeks earlier, with neighbors sitting at the table with candle light or lanterns a glow, smiling at the food before them,{ background} trees blown down and chaos about them.

Maybe we will have finally colonized on the moon within 25 years. Freeze dried food would travel to outer space quite well, and this meal could be part of Thanksgiving Part II (anniversary of the moon landing). Outside the window, we should obviously see the earth and the rest of the solar system. Also in the background would be spaceships docking on the moon bringing more visitors!


I’d love to see an Italian garden full of the wonderful herbs and vegetables, and an olive grove. Italian food is awesome in the winter if you have the best ingredients freeze-dried from your summer garden!

I think I would love to see greenhouse pods connected by tubular walkways with lush gardens in them and fish ponds. Bees and birds flying in the air of these pods. Showing not only how long the food will last but also the freeze dryer they were preserved by.

Show a dried up garden with a grocery store in the background with a sale sign that says one dozen eggs for $100.00

I would suggest a scene resembling the movie Solylent Green, with a person or group of people eating a soylent green bar and then starring longingly at the freeze dried food on the table.

Without realizing it, the young homemaker, of the 22-century was preparing food that would fee her family many years into the future. As much as I (and my family) enjoying my home canning …FREEZE DRYING food takes it to an new level of being prepared! One never knows how “far reaching” our acts of kindness to help the family will go.

Camera shot scans table and zooms in on window, with people looking longingly at the food, with a simple caption ” why didn’t we prepare?”

Robots should be serving the food on hover plates and the people should be dressed more modern, it looks like they were in a time capsule and the world went on

Shopw picture Men, women, children with cardboard signs that read “Will trade gold for good.” “Will trade silver for good.”

Shopw picture Men, women, children with cardboard signs that read “Will trade gold for food.” “Will trade silver for food.”

Have the family enjoying their food while in the background show drought farm fields in the background and people looking for food.

I think I would show a futuristic grocery store in the background with posted price signs that are way higher than current prices such as what is shown in the commercial…..asparagus, turkey….etc

I don’t believe in flying saucers so I would definitely leave those out. I see a dry desolate landscape or if it’s a cityscape, no vehicles, just buildings in disrepair and people in dirty or disheveled clothes walking in the streets.

I really like the commercial you have but it would be nice to have alternate ending so they don’t get boring.

One with the Statue of Liberty in ruins would be classic. Another with withered fields and an orange sky. Maybe a zombie apocalypse one. Of course, one with a mushroom cloud in the distance would be pretty good too. Or, one that has just has snow half way up the windows and a frozen landscape so you realize it doesn’t always have to be an apocalyptic event in order to see the benefits of having freeze dried food.

Mix it up so people want to watch the commercial and see what the next catastrophe is.

The ending is great but alternate endings would be cool. Maybe one with a night sky and a huge full moon that has a chunk out of it as though it was hit by a meteor!

I think a “return” to the original Thanksgiving through the windows, Natives in the first window teaching how to plant Non-GMO crops, then in successive window panes tending and watering the garden, and finally the natives teaching how to harvest and store the produce using a Harvestright freeze dryer for long term storage.

Love the commercial! A long line of people waiting their turn for a bowl of broth soup for free. Like the food lines from the depression.

I think a real product should have a real scenario. I would go with pure snow all the way to the last foot of the window and yet the outdoor lighting shows that it is still snowing hard. A great mix of a simple, beautiful, timely winter scene that is very possible!

Perhaps a scene with things like “soylent green” or not much on the table for the futuristic dinner compared to what you can fix because you thought ahead. Or a scene where gift giving consists of dehydrated food given to those in need.

I like the idea of alternate endings. How about one where the windows are oversized portholes and the scene is underwater with ruins of a city on the ocean floor.

I would actually pick a few of these backdrops if you can afford separate takes. Even if you have seen the commercial, you’ll want to watch it again so see what ending it will be this time! Super fun!

Alien who looks very hungry peering threw window with sign that reads, wish I would have planned ahead and purchased a Harvest Right Freezer.

I think I would stay more realistic. I am hoping what is out the window in the future is not what you show. Only 25 years have gone by. I would show part of the family out gathering some fresh goods to freeze dry. Probably would use a child and a grandparent type person to show generations sharing a moment in time. A tradition of putting food aside like the grandparent did when he was growing up. To show the young that old traditions have become new and better and much easier. I know my children and grandchildren love to help and learn how to garden and prepare the extra for food storage. This would be the ultimate item to win to help in preparing for the future.

Grandma and Grandpa tell grandchildren to go invite their friends to dinner because, “We have food to share. It may be 25 years old but it is as good as new!”

If technology really does improve exponentially, I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to show the red planet outside the window 25 years later.

I think, it would be a great ending showing everyone enjoying the food…really enjoying and can’t believe that it is 25 years old.

I think I would like to see things pretty much the same outside my picture window, hopefully…. a backyard w/swing, a blue sky, sunshine and birds flying by window.. w my fruit trees in background , which I freeze dry the fruit. . animals etc.. so I am a self-sustained “working food farm.” Gives new meaning to the family farm..

I would have a scene of drought with loads of people busy helping each other make meals from Freeze dried food and eating it, sharing with others.

I like it as it is now. Or you can do a few different ones to alternate. Maybe in one the city in the background could be in total ruin with emaciated people in ragged clothes standing in line for bread. Maybe in another it could be zombies peering in the window, drooling. And another where everyone outside is in hazmat suits and gas masks. All to show that, no matter what happens, HarvestRight has your back.

A beautiful summer day with a garden growing and someone working in that garden. In the background of the sky is a spaceship getting closer

There are so many possibilities I think I will go with barren ground with cartoonish GMO plants and animals walking around.

I look out the window and see an “unnamed, unknown” catastrophe. Chaotic scene of FEMA & soldiers frantically trying to hand out MRE’s/food packets to hungry, desperate crowds. Disheveled,parents with 2 children shown, 4 & 7 years old. The 7 year old boy slowly looks into the window and reacts to seeing all the food, so delicious, and plenty of it. His eyes get teary, and licks his lips. The 4 year girl then looks. She starts to cry, she is so hungry. The parents both look at their children, and then at the food. They gasp. The Father acts like a knife has been plunged into his heart. The mother uncontrollably sobs and collapses grabbing the children. The crowd pushes forward, and shoves over the family.
The Mother & Father jerk awake, horrified, sitting up in their warm bed, gasping for air. A voice/image is heard, “don’t let this be your Christmas future”. They run out of bed, and eagerly order the Harvestright online.
Parents look at each the next morning, relieved, safe & happy children playing.

Preppers are in the minority. I disagree that your commercial will reach the average consumer.

This would be my commercial:
The mom in a business suit hurries in. Three small children run up after her as.she grabs a bag off the shelf, and as she grabs the bag(a clock face starts counting, speeded up), Very quickly, She turns to the sink, just cuts the bag, adds the bag’s content to the pot, pre-measured water and turns to the stove, Children hang on her knees at the stove; next scene, gorgeous dinner is shown with family gathering, everyone seating themselves. “When life is too hard, YOU are ready.” ( Slogan)
Next scene. The most of the same family is seated by candlelight (dark in the window) around a table. Voice in commercial-“Whether a power failures or disaster, you have the confidence. You …are ready.” Said while The business Mom steps into the picture with plates of food, dressed in jeans or sweats and serves the seated family a sumptuous dinner.
Then the scene switches,we see a black family seated enjoying a meal at a power failure. The scene switches to an Asian family seated relishing their meal in the same power failure Then the camera’s view go out the window. The view looking down show 3 houses with candlelight shining from the windows like a village..(Implied, many people using this)
The scene changes to the first power failure business mom still in jeans/sweats, She is walking assertively back into her kitchen, by candle light, she puts her left hand on the top of the most popular colored Home Freeze Dryer, she swivels her body so she bends slightly at the waist, looking down at the front of her Harvest Right Dryer, (pause)then turns her head to the camera … smiles. “” Are you ready?”

The commercial you are thinking of running links your product to impossible or not real things, like spaceships, then is your product like UFO, dinosaurs, or whatever is unreal outside. If you use this commercial, link your product to the Jetsons a cartoon of living in furture, pick a future city, the “Harvest Right is the future, a life without refrigeration,”

I just discovered that if I put instructions about the voice in symbols above the comma and period, it is erasing my words. The The Are you ready was to be (Voiced Dramatically.)

I would definitely throw in some crazy monkeys flying through the sky on broomsticks, like in The Wizard of Oz. Along with the crazy, cackling green witch on a broomstick, too.

I like your commercial as it is. I’m thinking another idea could be showing a family coming up from out of their basement after a devastating tornado or some such crisis with their totes of harvest right freeze dried food and showing how being prepared is done.

The alien attack made me smile, but I’m thinking something a little less apocalyptic. How about not so far in the future. But showing the convenience of freeze-drying with a view of heavy snowfall. And the happiness of not having to dig their way out just yet. Maybe showing a neighbor laboring with a snow shovel across the street.

It would be an awesome gift to bring the garden fresh freeze dried food to a homeless shelter/soup kitchen for Christmas.
It is a blessing to those in such desperate need in our country.
It shows love, empathy and the
Joy of giving to those in need.
It is the Spirit of Christmas.

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is a blessing to those who have one

A photo of food brought to a shelter would touch many from this commercial.
It can show the family shown but those with no family touched by this family.

Perhaps, a winter scene similar to something from the movie Day After Tomorrow. Skyscrapers almost entirely covered in snow, tankers frozen in ice, etc.

I think the family lives across from a river that has massive flooding. Fast water is roaring by the window, and you can see trees, chicken coops, and barrels roaring by. I say this because our community just flooded yesterday, knocking out the electricity, and my friend lives across the river. The river was up to the bottom of their yard, which is normally 50 feet away. While everyone was probably rushing to the store to get back before the bridge was taken out, my friend was sitting at home describing to me on the phone what she was looking out from her picture window: the roaring water, barrels, trash, and metal barrels floating by…. And guess what? She DOES have a Harvest Right Freeze Drier and they didn’t have to go anywhere to stock up on food!

How about a familiar site such as time square, suggesting only modern upgrades with a giant billboard boasting about hunger being cured due to mindful food waste and preservation.

Has anybody thought about how to hydrate food when there is no water or at least clean water? Provisions need to be made for that too ….but you can’t dehydrate water! What to do?

Seems to me that for sales purposes, a family camping and re-hydrating their food – then eating delicious looking food together would really help it sell.

I would have a bill board outside next to a church that says ….. Are you prepared? No one will be able to buy , sell ,or trade without the mark of the beast for the period of 42 months from the going out of the Mark.

Trying to sell this product in a negative context is not going to you the mass market. It will just reinforce the popular belief that people that buy these kinds of products are for fringe survivalist types. Positive points to emphasize.
1. Easier than canning.
2. Healthier snacks
3. Keeping rarely used perishable items around for a long time.
4. A greater number of interesting ingredients to use in meal preparation.

The other thing I have run across when offering samples of what I have freeze dried to friends is the comment, “Oh I get these for my baby”. Meaning they think of these freeze dried products as baby food. Similar issue with freeze dried tuna. It is sold as cat food. Who wants to eat cat food!

To really hit the big sales you need to manage public perception of your product.

The windows should show Snowmen, Santa, Reindeer, elves etc. Eating their Healthy home grown freezedried food IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER….SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE…


The city is in the background. In the foreground is dirt. I see vegetable crops chickens, cows, pigs, fruit trees in a farm setting getting ready for harvest and continual freeze drying as the family enjoys some of their already harvested, freeze dried food.

I would put the aftermath of a natural disaster out of the window. I live in an area where hurricanes hit, and have had 2 big ones hit here, Rita, and Ike. Showing this is a more realistic idea of why you would want to use the freeze dryer. This is why I am saving up to be able to purchase one, because of the natural disasters I’ve gone through.

A beautiful tranquil beach scene, as though the house were ocean front property. In the distance a large island with a road sign that reads:

Welcome to California
Entering Pacific Time

When you look out the window you see people looking at our kitchen; mom,dad, son,daughter and grandchildren all doing a job to get all the food ready to freeze dry and being grateful for praying ,playing and working together for the future of our family all these things will keep us together.

if it is aired during Christmas, I see Santa pulling his reindeer, instead of the other way around. Otherwise, maybe flying aliens that escaped from their UFOs.

I thought the scene as depicted in the sample commercial was a little apocalyptic. I think people want to have hope. I would have an alien space ship land directly behind the window, and then I would have a ring of the doorbell. Outside would stand a family of aliens, obviously in need of food….thin and maybe holding out a plate. They could even speak an “alien” language in which they ask for something to eat.

In the next scene, I would have a picture of the original family…..along now with the alien family…..sitting at the table and sharing in a meal. Even though they couldn’t speak the same language, they would be laughing and sharing in the bounty that had come from having a HarvestRight!!

A scorched earth, complete with dried crops, and well dressed people outside gnawing on $100 bills and bars of gold.

I think the back ground should be like the lost city of Atlantis!
Peoples homes in a “bubble” under water and a beautiful city is seen out the window.
Kinda like it was in Star Wars- Jar-Jar Binks lived in a similar city. I’d love to see that.

Since its global warming & all – & the polar caps are supposed to melt; have a diver swimming by holding a sign saying ‘Harvest Right can freeze dry anything!’ Have underwater greenhouse domes & tunnels….fish….sharks…etc. Humor only limited by your imagination! Lol

Maybe the scene outside the windows should be something that showcases how the past few winters have been horrific weather with ice and snow (at least on the East Coast) show cars sliding around on the roads, snow trucks stuck on the side of the road, plane delays, Christmas rush and the empty grocery store shelves.

What should we see through the window?… I think that you should show a family, to include grandparents, parents, and children giving thanks for the meal in front of them. Just behind where they are sitting, would be the family’s Harvest Right freeze dryer; the front of which shows where mom had long ago scribbled in marker, the machine’s real name… ‘The Ark.’

I would show a devastated landscape with a zombie, an alien, a “Mad Max” character, and dinosaur all looking through the window watching the family enjoy their meal.
Any classic post-apocolyptic character would do!

Thanks guys, and keep on freeze drying!

We’ve actually got some new ones to start promoting soon and we have one that’s similar to what you’re asking. 🙂

I don’t know if I am late for the contest or not but why don’t you show a different scene in each window. That way you will show that no matter the event you will have great for to eat thanks to forward thinking and your harvest right freeze dryer.

This is exactly our strategy is to show different scenes in the window. We will be posting our other commercials soon so you can vote on your favorite.

I would show a lot of either dust blowing or a blizzard and people in a long line for soup at a soup kitchen in the blowing dust or snow. I do like the commercial you have, however. I don’t think aliens do justice to why we store food.

We actually have several different scenarios — meant to be clever and to get people’s attention, no matter what their view of the future might be. We will be posting them all soon.

How about some children around the picnic table sharing the bounty of the harvest from their garden. Or even better one holding a leash of a cow and another one holding a pig in its lap.

If it happens, hardly anyone will be prepared. No one thinks its really possible. I keep telling my wife, every week to buy one or two cans extra of some thing, beans at least. Flour, grease.And bleach for the water.

well, I would show a pack of lions, tigers, and bears armed with lasers rifles. They are chasing down people coming hoe with groceries and stealing their food. Because you never know that might happen. I mean lions and tigers and bears are “oh my!” but add laser rifles and it becomes “oh, DeaR Lord!”

Human size ants chasing people down the streets. Large grasshoppers landing on roofs. A Prying Mantis holding a person up with in their pincers. Humans with extra large limbs or heads. All of them eating everything in site.

When everyone else and all the insects are eating GMO food sprayed with to much chemicals and becoming monster size you and your family look healthy and well proportioned.

I would scan the empty grocery shelves, then show a family outside trying to find food in a dried (or burnt) up garden to no avail. The children would be crying for hunger and the mother wakes up in her bed all nice and safe. She remembers her Harvest Right red freeze dryer (showing her freeze drying eggs, etc) and immediately gets out of bed and makes her family a wonderful, warm freeze dried breakfast with fruit, also. As the family is eating and she is so proud to have freeze dried the food 25 years ago, she looks out the morning window to see the gardens all dried (or burned) up. Then scan the empty shelves with people trying to find food.

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