New software – Harvest Right Standard Models (not available for Pharma or Scientific)

It is important to note that this new software release only works on standard freeze dryers that have been purchased since 2017. On the home screen of the freeze dryer, there is a number that tells you which version of software you have. If you have 3.6.11 or a version higher you will be able to install the new software on your freeze dryer. If you have any version ending with 17 or 18 (like 5.0.17 or 5.0.18), it is important that you do upgrade to this new software (those versions may contain an issue that can cause freeze dryer malfunctions).

New CANDY Software:

This new software version not only solves any issues with older versions, but also greatly improves the process for those who like to freeze dry candy.

IMPORTANT – Please read before updating software:

  • Versions older than 3.6.11 are not eligible and it could disable your freeze dryer to upload.
  • Update not available for Pharma and Scientific units.
  • No support will be available to revert back to a previous version.
  • Please do not share the software with other customers, direct them to this page to download. (
  • Please click here to download and read the most recent USER MANUAL

Software Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Double check that your freeze dryer has software version 3.6.11, or above, before you continue. If your software is older (a lower number) than v3.6.11, do not continue with installation. Unfortunately, the new software is not compatible with your freeze dryer. If your version starts with a 5, select the download for version 5. If it starts with a 4, select the download for version 4.
  2. Once you have saved the HarvestRight v5.x.23 Update-….zip file to your computer, open it by double clicking on it. Then copy all files (for Version 5 it will be H0500023.hffH0501023.hfw and  H0502023.hfr) (for Version 4 H0500023.hff) onto the root of a 16GB USB thumb drive (not in a folder).
  3. Turn off your freeze dryer.
  4. Insert the USB device with the Harvest Right file into the USB port on your freeze dryer while it is still turned off.
  5. Turn on your freeze dryer with the USB device still plugged in.
  6. Wait until you see the new home screen with version 5.x.23 in the top right corner.
  7. You may now remove the USB device. The installation is now complete, and your freeze dryer is ready to use the new software.
  8. Repeat steps 3-5 if you encounter a load issue.


How to Use the CANDY Application: (Print instructions)

  1. First, make sure you have installed this new v5.x.23 version of software.
    Candy Mode 23 - screen1
  2. On the home screen select CUSTOMIZE.
    Candy screenshot 2 
  3. Increase the drying temperature to somewhere between 135°F and 150°F.
    Next, set the length of time (Extra Dry Time) you want the batch to run (default is 2 hours). It is important that you understand that in the “Candy Mode” there will be no standard “Dry Time.” The only drying that will occur, when in the Candy mode, will be during the “Extra Dry Time” that you set here. Usually, 2 to 3 hours is enough to dry any kind of candy.
    Candy screenshot 3
  4. Press the SAVE button.
    Candy Mode 23 - screen 2
  5. Press START. For the next fifteen minutes you will need to wait for the chamber to cool down.
  6. Once the chamber is cooled, you will then be able to turn ON the Candy Process by pressing the Off/On button and switching it to On. Next, be sure to close your drain valve and then put your filled trays into the freeze dryer and press CONTINUE.
    WARNING: DO NOT run standard foods in candy mode!
    Candy screen shot - Load Trays
  7. You will now see the screen below.
    Some candy works better when warmed prior to starting the freeze drying process. As a general rule, the longer you have warmed candy prior to starting the vacuum, the more it will expand when dried. You may need to experiment to determine what is best.
    If pre-warming the candy is not needed, press SKIP and you will immediately be taken to step 9.
    If you want to warm the candy trays, select START.
    Candy Screenshot - Warm trays
    First, your trays will warm back up to 135 degrees. Then, your trays will warm for the selected time (default is 5 minutes). You can increase or decrease the time by pressing the up and down arrows. You may add up to 20 minutes of warming time.
    Warming Trays to 135

    Candy screenshot - warming trays
  8. Once the trays finish the selected warming time, the unit will automatically begin the drying process and will dry for the amount of “Extra Dry” time you selected in Step 4.
    You can modify that dry time on this screen by using the up and down arrows.
    Candy screenshot - Drying
  9.  At the end of the batch, you will be asked if you want to run another batch of candy without defrosting the chamber (see below). This can be done repeatedly because there is not much water in candy. This is done by pressing the START NEW CANDY BATCH button and the process begins again at step 7.
  10. Once you choose “DEFROST” or “NO DEFROST,” the software will immediately revert to the standard freeze-drying temperature of 125° and the “High Temperature/Candy Mode” will no longer display on the startup screens.
  11. Once the freeze dryer has reset to its standard mode of operation it will freeze and dry at the standard temperatures. If you wish to run more candy batches, you will need to go into customize mode (see Step 2 at the beginning of this document) and increase the Dry Temp as well as the Extra Dry Time.