Freeze drying is the perfect New Year’s resolution

Making New Year resolutions can be traced back 4,000 years ago to when the ancient Babylonians started their year with a spring celebration and also made promises to themselves and their gods to right wrongs and do better. Later, Julius Caesar moved the start of the year to January, a month that was named for Janus, the god of beginnings and endings. The Romans would make sacrifices to Janus and promise to be on their best behavior in the new year.

With a start thousands of years ago, making resolutions at the beginning of a year has evolved throughout time to what we know today – a tradition of setting new goals in an attempt at betterment and self-improvement.

In 2022, why not let a freeze dryer help you easily accomplish several goals of self-improvement?

Many people want to eat healthier. This can be challenging since fruits and vegetables can be difficult to snack on and spoil so quickly. Luckily, freeze-dried produce never goes bad, is easy to have on hand, and make for a fun, healthy snack.

Another resolution that people often make is to create a food storage. Recent events, like seeing empty shelves at the grocery store, have shown people the need for having an emergency food storage. There is no better way to preserve food than with a freeze dryer. Freeze-dried food can last up to 25 years, is easy to rehydrate, and tastes great. It is possible to quickly create a large food storage when freeze drying food at home.

Having more fun is a goal that almost everyone would probably make for this year. While people usually purchase a freeze dryer for more practical reasons, they often discover that they can also have a lot of fun with it. Gummy bears puff up when freeze dried. Skittles pop open and become crunchy. Ice cream turns into brittle bits of joy that burst with flavor as it dissolves in your mouth. Experimenting with freeze drying candy, figuring out interesting meals to freeze dry, or discovering that your favorite snack is even better when freeze dried makes freeze drying fun and turns the entire process into an adventure. A Harvest Right freeze dryer can help you with these and many other goals that you may have. There is no better time to start your freeze drying adventures than 2022!


I got one as a refurbished/scratch and dent. I still get the same warranty, just paid a little less for the unit because of the cosmetic damage. I had to call and talk to one of their reps to get one.

I watch homesteaders on you tube and they do some very clever things with their harvest right freeze dryers. Maybe someday I will purchase one- they are pricey but worth every penny.

My wife and I started, this month, to save for a Harvest Right freeze dryer,
We were given some 3 year old powdered veggies as well as some meats and vegetables and could not believe the taste.
We are hoping and praying for a large Harvest Right but will have to see what we can afford.

I think they’re all 110volt. The large requires a specia receptical, that I had to change; but it wasn’t expensive. I think it was 2 dollars.

wouldn’t mind a refurbished one,been wanting one for awhile just on a set income could make payments. I watch the shows about them all the time. I tell everyone about them, they are fantastic product 😊 🙏

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