Missoula Brothers Launch Freeze-Dried Meal Company

Brothers Ben and John Ritner loved going on hiking trips together, but what they didn’t love was eating bland, salty freeze-dried meals. One day while sitting around the campfire they came up with a plan – to make freeze-dried meals better.

John, who attended culinary school, and Ben, who studied web development and business, decided to start a business to make better tasting and healthier freeze-dried meals. They purchased multiple Harvest Right freeze dryers and got to work making freeze-dried meals that are high in protein, lightweight, and good tasting. Their passion and hard work resulted in a successful backpacking freeze-dried food company called Pinnacle Foods.

The Ritners are just one example of many people using freeze dryers from Harvest Right to start a business. From freeze drying fruits, soups, and camping meals to pharmaceuticals, pet foods, and fun desserts, the business opportunities with a freeze dryer are almost endless.

There are many reasons why businesses are deciding to purchase freeze dryers from Harvest Right. Harvest Right freeze dryers are easy to use and create a superior, high-quality product. Purchasing multiple Harvest Right units also gives the same capacity of an industrial freeze dryer at one-third the cost. The other great benefit of having multiple units, instead of one expensive freeze dryer, is if there are issues with a machine your entire production doesn’t have to stop.

Even some families are recognizing the benefits of having multiple machines to share together. We have noticed that many families have purchased several units which allows them to create large emergency food supplies while sharing the overall cost and maintenance. Harvest Right offers discounts to those purchasing multiple units. Call us today at 1-800-700-5508 to learn more about our multiple-unit discounts.

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I received a call from Ryan Wood at Food Network. He will be in Montana in June and is looking for possible stories about how food businesses have started up in MT. His contact information is below

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