graphic of cracked earth and a house cracking

The odds of an earthquake happening today is 100 percent. Though millions of people may never experience an earthquake, they are a very common occurrence on this planet. Today, somewhere on the Earth, an earthquake will occur. In fact, several million earthquakes occur annually, so, there will actually be thousands of earthquakes today. Fortunately, most of these earthquakes are so light that only sensitive instruments will even notice them. But it is estimated that around 700 earthquakes a year are large enough to cause significant damage or even death. Luckily, these massive earthquakes are usually centered in unpopulated areas far from civilization.

Just because you’ve never experienced a massive earthquake doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for one. Earthquakes strike suddenly and without warning. People that survive a large earthquake will be left with substantial damage that could disrupt their lives for days, maybe even weeks. During that time caring for basic needs will be most important, especially food.   

Since gas and electric power systems may be damaged during an earthquake, it’s important to have food on hand that doesn’t need refrigeration. Food in a refrigerator will only be safe for a few hours without power and food in a freezer will spoil after one or two days. 

Also, be aware that the violent shaking of an earthquake could cause damage to your food storage. Bottled, and even canned, food items are likely to get moved around and broken. 

mylar bags of freeze dried food

Freeze-dried food is, by far, the best food to have in your food storage. Freeze-dried food does not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature. It is lightweight and easy to carry in an emergency. It will also not fall and break during an earthquake. 

The easiest way to create a large food storage of freeze-dried food that could provide for you and your family for an extended amount of time is to freeze dry at home. Using a Harvest Right freeze dryer, you can freeze dry your favorite meals, leftovers, garden produce, and more. Soon you will have an emergency food storage that you could use after an earthquake, but will taste so good that you won’t mind using it at any time. 

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