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As the days count down to retirement, we have spent countless hours looking at numbers, comparing expenses to expected income, and finding ways to make the most of our remaining years. While we won’t be forced to subsist, we also won’t be rolling in cash. We will be like most retired Americans, living well, enjoying life a bit, and watching the bottom line to make it all work.

One of the things that has been really helpful to us is our Harvest Right freeze dryer. Although we purchased it while we were both working, I would purchase one even on a fixed income. My experiences show me that it is a worthwhile investment, and pays for itself within a short period of time.

Being able to save money by buying in bulk is advantageous; however, you must have storage for that food in some fashion. For instance, meats may be frozen, but there is a cost associated with running the freezer, and storage is self-limiting. You must stop when the freezer is full. Frozen foods are generally good for about two years.

Pressure-canned meat is tender and delicious, and for ease and convenience it is hard to beat. Living in the country means that delivery isn’t an option on those evenings when you don’t feel like cooking, so fast food at our house was often a jar of taco meat reheating in a skillet. In the time it took to get the meat heated, we could get the other ingredients on the table and have dinner in ten minutes. While that is only one example, there were many meats that we loved canning.

Now, we have the option of freeze-drying those meats. We can process them in a raw state, seasoned and cooked, or even in a finished dish. That option has not been available to us on the scale that it can be utilized with our freeze dryer. Canning and freezing have their limits, and we have found that the freeze dryer allows us to process foods that we only dreamed of storing before.

Imagine chicken and dumplings, lasagna, biscuits and gravy, enchiladas, chili, ham and beans, breakfast casseroles, or even a complete turkey dinner. Imagine those foods being reduced to ounces in weight, packaged in flexible packaging, and then brought back a few years later to the original product, tasting like it was just made. 

Even better, imagine that food with virtually no expiration date. (At least not one that we in retirement would have to worry about! Our children will enjoy what we don’t use.) And magically, even after 25 years, that food maintains 97 to 99 percent of its original nutritive values. We all know that as we age, our nutritional needs are more amplified, so freeze drying our food for storage is the best way to stay healthy.

If you are looking toward retirement, consider Harvest Right. Cut the waste, preserve the food, eat it when you please, and feel confident that your food is the best you could have. Harvest Right is the choice of retired food preservers everywhere. Get yours today!


I’m convinced on every level for a HarvestRight is great and can be a need! Budget constraints keep me from making the leap!

I completely understand. I used to look at my canners, and think that I had a method that was working. Being on this side, I have to tell you to find a way. This machine will pay for itself. Use the layaway and payment plan. Check out my blog on how the machine pays for itself… You need one!! We all do! I need another one!

Make the down payment, then just pay as you can. Once you hit the needed amount, they ship it. The rest is divided over 12 payments. No interest. You can’t beat it.

And usually it is hard to prepare just one small meal for two (much less one!) not active person. The great thing is you can prepare a half dozen meals at once, eat one, and freeze-dry the rest so you only need hot water or a bit of reheating to get a meal just as good as fresh.

So you can buy in bulk or on sale, cook it up, and save money.

absolutely. I am a large batch cook. I love putting it on trays in my freezer, and processing it over the next week in the HR. I put some in small serving bags, and some in family meal size portions. I think everybody can make this machine work for their own needs. It is incredibly versatile.

I work for a County that plants a garden each year and sends the produce out to all Local Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens in this County.
One of the things we are now doing is freeze drying produce that is not used, so that we can still offer produce to the Food Pantries during the cold winter months. I love these machines, and wish I had one of my own! 🙂

That is awesome, Olga! You should look into our layaway option, you might find that you can get one of your very own! 🙂

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