Cheese Lovers, Unite!

January 20th is Cheese Lover’s Day. Now, seriously, is there anything better than cheese? Is there any other food that is so integrated into the American lifestyle? 

Nearly every type of cheese is a candidate for freeze drying. Shredded cheese is light as a feather, easy to rehydrate with a mist bottle, and incorporates into recipes in its dried state just as easily as the moist version. Grated cheese is much cheaper to make at home than purchase. 

before and after freeze dried cheese

Cheese sauces are simple to make with shredded or powdered cheese. Just make a simple white sauce using basic roux, then add cheese. Like this: Melt 4 Tbsp. of butter or bacon fat in a saucepan, then stir in 4 Tbsp. white flour. Stir and let cook for about five minutes on low heat, then add 2 cups of milk. Bring to a gentle simmer and stir in the cheese of your choice. Now you have a base for a great pasta or vegetable dish. (Secret blog tip for our readers only: For an absolutely fabulous Smoked Macaroni and Cheese, add liquid smoke and ground cumin to your favorite mac and cheese. This is an extremely loved and requested dish for this blogger’s catering business. You are welcome. Enjoy!)

Thin slices or cubes make a great snack. They are a great addition to a lunchbox, snack plate, or salad. The uses are unlimited. Because they require no refrigeration, they are truly versatile, and there is no need to seek an ice pack or refrigerator.

For a fun burger choice, seal two patties around a piece of freeze-dried cheese. As it rehydrates and melts, it absorbs the meat juices, which makes an extremely flavorful cheeseburger. For another taste variation, either seal blue cheese into the burger, or simply mix into the meat before plopping on the grill.

If your family loves cheese, but you don’t get it used up fast enough, freeze drying is a great way to preserve it. Nothing is more disheartening than going into the refrigerator and finding that your cheese is ruined. The hard part will be staying out of it once you freeze dry it! The flavors are so compounded and intensified that snacking often results in an empty jar. On second thought, the only thing more disheartening than going to the fridge and finding ruined cheese is going to the freeze-dried stash, and finding that someone else in the family got to it before you did. Mylar bags and code words may be helpful. Labeling such as “Mystery dairy product” may help deter cheese thieves. Or, just freeze dry a whole lot of it, and enjoy it!

Happy Cheese Lover’s Day from Harvest Right!


i love this idea. did not think to do this. Will definitely try the hamburger with cheese sealed inside. i bet that will be awesome and probably easier than working with normal cheese for the same application.
Storage for cheese using jars? Is that an issue, since it would be opened often?

Just re vacuum seal the jars – wide mouth mason jars of any size with your countertop vacuum sealer. You can use the newer plastic lids with a seal for opening often..they are airtight.

Ok. Here’s my deal. I shredded up over 6 blocks of Murphy’s Gruyere cheese. It is made with whole milk as most cheeses are. When it came out, it had a greasy texture to it. I have tried it with preshredded gruyere bought from the store and it did fine (the cheese did not have any preservatives or anything on it when I bought it). Did it not freeze dry long enough? Was it not spread out far enough? Should i pat it with paper towels and try freeze drying it again? Please let me know what to do. I would hate to have to stick it back in the fridge in fear that it will mold. Thanks for your help.

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