pieIn this article, Chef Eric Rivera brings to light a secret that many of us have been using for years.

“High-end chefs spend a lot of time figuring out how to get foods to taste their best. Are they seasoned correctly? Is there a balance between fat and acidity that makes you want more? Is there a way they could pull off the ultimate feat of making a food taste more like itself?

Using the trick from rising-star chef Eric Rivera, you can up your holiday game rather easily: use powdered freeze-dried foods to amp up the flavors in your favorite recipes.”

Even before Harvest Right came out with their amazing technology, many of us used dehydrated powders to enhance our home cooked foods. Moving beyond the usual onion and garlic powder to pumpkin, tomato, carrot, apple, banana, and many other fruits and vegetables, gave us options to not only change textures, but also enhance flavors in ways that the average consumer had no access to. 

Enter Harvest Right. Many of our customers love using their freeze-dried fruit for pies, cobblers, and crisps. My guess is that those same cooks use the powdered forms to thicken those pies and cobblers. They add powdered tomatoes to sauces. They sprinkle powdered dill pickles on their popcorn. They add onion and sweet relish powders to their deviled eggs to adjust texture before piping into the whites. Chef Rivera, of course, has his own Harvest Right Freeze Dryer so he can fiddle with these things with abandon.

If creative cooks rule the kitchen, it is safe to say that Harvest Right owners may be some of the most creative cooks on the planet. We are pretty sure that you fit into that category, but if you haven’t experimented with food powders yet, what are you waiting for? 

Just in case you are one of those cooks who likes a more structured approach, we are giving you Chef Rivera’s absolutely amazing pie recipe to introduce this concept to you and your family, who will be delighted. Go check it out!


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