Starting a Business with Your Home Freeze Dryer

We’ve gotten a few notes lately from Harvest Right customers who used their home freeze dryer to start a business. Freeze-dried food is in high demand on the market for several reasons:

  • People want portable, lightweight meals and snacks for travel, hiking and boating, and busy evenings
  • Health-conscious individuals want quick meals with no additives or chemicals
  • Pet owners are looking for healthy, safe treats and whole foods for their pets
  • Kids (and adults) enjoy the novelty of freeze dried desserts and snacks
  • Some foods, like ice cream, yogurt, and even gummy bears are unique and people love trying them
  • Families want a way to ensure elderly parents have access to nutritious food they can easily prepare themselves
freeze dried fruit in jars

Freeze dried apples are a great snack for hikers, post-gym workouts, and afterschool nibbles.

Freeze-dried yogurt drops

Check your state’s Cottage Food Laws (also called Home Food Processing laws or Baker’s Bills) to see if you can qualify for a food sales retail license using your home kitchen. If you can, you can use your home freeze dryer to make and sell healthy snacks, freeze dried entrees and ingredients, freeze dried desserts and treats, lightweight, portable camping and hiking food, and even freeze-dried instant coffee using gourmet coffee flavors.

an omelet

If you’d like to make freeze-dried homemade pet food, regulations are little different. Explore the Association of American Feed Control Officials website to learn more.

Using your Harvest Right home freeze dryer is an excellent way to fund your purchase and start a home-based business. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re only limited by your imagination!


We had this idea and quickly realized the FDA regulations are extremely strict for freeze dried products and cottage laws in our state of PA did not apply to freeze dried food.

My wife and i are also in Pa looking to sell freeze dried food from our homestead. Is there any more information you can share ?

It’s considered a “commercial” process, so lots of standards must be met, including food safety training, etc.

Texas cottage laws do not include meat as a home based product for sale. Meat is under Federal regulation they say. Can anyone tell me where to find these regulations for freeze dried meat sales for home based businesses?

What about to sell online? My local gov guys said if we get a cottage license we then could not sell online…

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