How to Save on Egg Prices During the 2015 Avian Flu Outbreak

By now you’ve probably heard that a new strain of bird flu (H5N2) has been making rounds in the poultry and egg industry. So far the effects have reduced egg production by about 5%. This reduction is causing shortages in availability and egg price increases of up to 120% in stores and restaurants.

Analysts predict that it could take up to two years for prices to drop back to normal and for supplies to return to previous levels.

Though incidents of the avian flu seem to be dropping steadily, there have been upticks in some areas. It’s difficult for anyone to predict how long the strain will hold out, and what the far reaching effects will be.

The Impact of Egg Shortages

For many families, eggs are a reliable and inexpensive source of protein, and eggs are an important ingredient in many favorite recipes. Doing without eggs would have a major impact on lifestyle and budget.

For those who raise their own chickens and are able to collect their own eggs, making a shift to keeping eggs instead of selling them may be a strategic move.

The trouble is – eggs have a fairly short shelf life and you can’t preserve them for very long.

. . . unless you have a home freeze dryer.

Freeze Drying Eggs Saves Money

It’s true: You can easily freeze dry eggs to save money on rising egg prices. You can even freeze dry them raw to use as ingredients later and, when stored properly, they will have a shelf life of up to 25 years.

For fast meals, freeze dry your cooked eggs in your favorite recipes such as frittata, quiche and omelets. Scrambled eggs are also easy to freeze dry and rehydrate. Just add all of your favorite ingredients, like diced vegetables or ham, and freeze dry them in individual or family-size portions.

In fact, preserving scrambled eggs or omelets are a great way to use up any vegetables that are losing their freshness.

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In the face of the recent avian flu outbreak, freeze drying eggs is a smart move that can preserve your budget and keep your favorite healthy meals on the table.

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