New York Farm Wins a Freeze Dryer!

We have a winner in our Harvest Right freeze-dryer give away contest!

Our winner, Deborah G., had never won anything before, so hope her new freeze dryer is the beginning of a lucky streak! Deborah found our article about freeze-drying and “Liked” it on Facebook as her entry. She lives with her family of six in New York where they have a small farm with goats, pigs and poultry. (They also have a few dogs rounding out the menagerie.) Deborah became interested in freeze drying after she saw how Hurricane Sandy put an abrupt stop to the food supply chain. She started researching ways to preserve more of her own food – and freeze-drying seemed like the best option.

Deborah is the family’s cook and she likes how easy it is to store freeze-dried food in less space than it takes to store tins and bottles. She’s planning to use her new freeze dryer to store food for her family. She even has plans to make her own dog treats and freeze dry them. (We want that recipe!) Here’s what she had to say:

“I am very excited to get the freeze dryer home. We keep a pretty good larder and this will make storage so much easier. Right now we can a lot of food but the bottles take up a lot of room and you really never know if the canning process was successful until you open the bottle! Now I will be able to store a lot more food in the space I have available – and know it will be good when I open it. We do buy some freeze-dried food, but the prices are quite high. Now I will be able to freeze-dry my own!”

We’re very happy for Deborah and her family. Congrats and bon appetite!

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