This page shows how to quickly fix a lagging touch screen. Examples of this include when you go to press a button and you get the loading icon displayed for more than 30 seconds or if you press a button and you hear a click but nothing happens. To fix either of these problems, please follow the steps below. Please note, this works best for freeze dryers with 5.4 or 5.5 software versions.

Looping Screen Image
  1. Download the two files from the “Lag Screen Fix Folder” found below
  2. Save the files (not the folder) to an empty flash drive 32GB or smaller
  3. Be sure the flash drive is formatted to FAT32
  4. Turn off your freeze dryer
  5. Plug in the flash drive
  6. Turn your freeze dryer back on
  7. As your freeze dryer powers on, the files will communicate with the freeze dryer and help to eliminate the lag or loop that you are experiencing.