Zions Bank Features Freeze Drying on “Speaking on Business” Radio Show

Speaking on Business, a Zions Bank radio show hosted by Chris Redgrove, recently featured Harvest Right on their show.

Chris explains how our breakthrough freeze drying technology is changing the way that the average family preserves food. Play the video below to hear the broadcast.

Zions Bank Features Freeze Drying on “Speaking on Business” Radio Show

Audio Transcript

This is Chris Redgrave, for Zion’s Bank, speaking on business.

Preserving food has always been important because you always need it to survive and you never know what might happen. For hundreds of years, our ancestors were heavily involved in preserving food. But in the modern era, with refrigeration and improvements in food technology, societies have drifted from that.

The freeze dryer [that] Harvest Right in Salt Lake City provides is a way to refocus on food preservation. Harvest Right has invented a freeze drying machine for home use. With a team of engineers, company founder Dan Neville spent years developing a product of size and price point that would be available to a wider audience. The product is catching on, not only in Utah, where emergency preparedness and food preservation are an important focus, but also across the United States.

The Harvest Right machine is easy to use. All you have to do is put the food you want to preserve on a tray, shut the door, press start, and then tell it when you want it done (usually in about 24 hours). Freeze drying food maintains 97% of its nutrients. This is because, in the freeze drying process, food is rapidly frozen, then placed in a vacuum so cell structure, nutrients, shape, and color are all preserved.

These foods taste fresh and remain flavorful, for up to 25 years. Until now, the main way to get freeze dried foods was through a food distributor. However, Dan started Harvest Right to allow anybody to preserve the foods they love. The Harvest Right product appeals to anyone who is interested in preserving food, as well as those who grow gardens or have fruit trees and what to save their produce.

Already having success, Dan sees the growth potential for Harvest Right as the world discovers the benefit of freeze drying foods. Check them out online at harvestright.com.

As a community focus organization, Zions bank has been providing value to the communities in which we live and serve for over 140 years. Member FDIC.

For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

Broadcast audio courtesy of Zions Bank and www.speakingonbusiness.com.

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