Our scientific freeze dryers, or lyophilizers as they are commonly known, are remarkable, and a perfect addition to any laboratory. For the first time ever, very affordable, high-quality, large-capacity laboratory (scientific) units are available in table top models. Competitive units similar to these are typically $30,000 or more. Not only are these units incredibly expensive, they take up a lot of space and are very costly to run.

Labs, universities, and research institutions that have used Harvest Right freeze dryers prefer them over the other more expensive products.

Our scientific lyophilizer units are easier to use, more reliable, and have features that even larger, more expensive scientific units don’t have, such as our patented “smart sensors” — the ability to sense when the material you are freeze drying is finished.


You can have multiple manageable profiles, each providing the ability to automatically power on and off the condensing unit and the vacuum pump in conjunction with ascending, controlled temperature and time settings.


The set point temperature can be programmed to any degree, and the ramp rate, at which the heaters rise, can be changed at anytime. It also stores the batch parameters and actual data.


Through an ethernet cable you are able to view data remotely through a cellphone, tablet, computer, and any other device with access to a VNC Viewer. Freeze dry data for each batch is maintained by the unit and may be accessed and downloaded through a USB.


Can provide privacy with distinct user names and passwords and store up to a 120 different recipies.


Table top unit with 4 tray dryer, large interior capacity, up to 2 gallons of material per batch.


The patent-pending smart sensor controls temperature data recordings and manual and automatic operations.


DIMENSIONS 20” W x 25” D x 30” H

MIN. TEMP. RATING Collector cools to -46˚C
material being freeze dried cools to approx. -37˚C

AMPS 16 amps max draw at 110 vac and 8 amps
max draw at 220 vac

Includes a vacuum pump