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Freeze dryers have many uses, and we’re always finding new ways that our customers enjoy their Harvest Right freeze dryer. Some of our customers use their freeze dryers to build a home food storage, while others use them for more healthy daily eating.

We have outdoors enthusiast create backpacking meals or snacks for the trail. Gardeners love freeze drying their produce to preserve their harvest or to find new ways to use food. Bakers and chefs love the many ways that freeze drying allows them to add an extra level of creativity to their craft.

There are countless other ways to use our freeze dryers to make your life more enjoyable, more secure, and more satisfying. Below are a few examples of how to Harvest Right freeze dryer owners are enjoying the benefits of freeze drying.

Food Preservation and Home Food Storage

Emergency Preparedness

Backpacking and Outdoors

In the Kitchen

Healthy Living

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