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programmed capabilities

Our scientific freeze dryers can be completely customized with your preferred processes.  Providing you manual control, automated profiles, user accounts and network connectivity.

Manual control allows for a custom setting for a one-time run of any specific cycle.

The set point temperature can be set to any temperature and the ramp rate at which the heaters rise can be changed at any time.

The cooling system and the vacuum pump can be turned on or off manually at any time.

Multiple Profiles

You can create multiple profiles; and each profile may have a user defined Freeze Cycle of up to 5 Steps (the temperature and time can be set for each step). For temperature sensitive products, the temperatures may be set to not reach a level that could damage the product.

Manage Profiles

Profiles can be easily managed. It is easy to create new profiles; and you can take existing profiles and edit or delete them altogether.

Auto Shut Off

During each step, the refrigeration system and vacuum pump will be automatically turned on or off to accommodate a specific profile.

Controlled Temps

The Heaters are controlled by a percentage of power to maintain the set point temperatures. This allows the heaters to ramp up at a set rate to the set point temperatures.

Set the Range

For each profile, a temperature ramp rate (degrees Fahrenheit per minute) may be set; and a vacuum pressure range can be set, too.

Individual user accounts are available.
Staff members can be assigned a personalized username and password for access.

network connections

  • Freeze dry data for each batch is maintained by the unit and may be accessed and downloaded through a USB port to an inserted flash drive.
  • The scientific freeze dryer may be connected to a network through an ethernet cable in order to be viewed remotely through a cellphone, tablet, computer, and any other device with access to a VNC Viewer.