Industrial Vacuum Pump


Industrial Grade Design
Better than Standard Pump, see Details below.

Technical Specifications
CFM: 7
Motor: ¾ HP
Voltage: Standard, 115v, 60Hz
Intake Port: 1 1/16 JIC flare
Dimensions: 16.3″ x 6″ x 12.1″
Weight: 32lbs
Noise: 52 decibels

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Product Comparison
Industrial Oil Pump vs Standard Oil Pump

Vacuum Pressure
Under cold conditions the Industrial Pump will pull a deeper vacuum than the Standard Pump. The difference is .08 Pascal for the Standard Pump and .05 Pascal for the Industrial Pump. Whereas, under warm conditions the difference is much greater: 2.5 Pascal for the Standard Pump and .05 Pascal for the Industrial Pump.

Hence, the Industrial Pump is not affected by warm, ambient conditions. When temperatures rise, it will pull a vacuum better than the Standard Pump. The Industrial Pump pulls the same deep vacuum even when it is in a warm environment.

The Industrial Pump is quieter than the Standard Pump, 52 decibels versus 64 decibels. The Industrial Pump at 52 decibels is about the same as a refrigerator.

Oil Mist Filter
Both pumps come with an oil mist filter. However, the Industrial Pump’s oil mist filter allows for no oil spray at all and it will last much longer.

Power Use
The Industrial Pump uses less power than the Standard Pump (187 watts versus 218 watts).

Under hot conditions at ultimate vacuum pressure the Standard Pump pulls 2.1 amps while the Industrial Pump only pulls 1.7 amps. Hence, the Industrial Pump is more efficient.

The Industrial Pump is easier to move around as it weighs 5 pounds less than the Standard Pump (32 lbs. versus 37 lbs.)

The Industrial Pump is more durable and will last longer than the Standard Pump.