Tru Fru’s Best Seller Sampler Pack


Tru Fru’s Sampler Pack – Raspberries, cherries, strawberries, bananas, and coconut melts freeze-dried fresh and immersed in premium dark chocolate (24 servings)

What is Tru Fru? A healthy snack disguised as an indulgent treat, or an indulgent treat disguised as a healthy snack? Yes. Yes, it is. Tru Fru products are made with 100% real fruit, freeze-dried fresh, then immersed in delicious dark chocolate. Unlike dehydrating, freeze-drying our fruit locks in the vitamins, nutritional value and enhances the flavor of the fruit. Nothing's lost, which is everybody's gain. Tru Fru products are all natural, trans-fat free, high in fiber, gluten-free, made with sustainable premium dark chocolate, kosher, & made in the USA. Now, isn't that perfect? •100% All Natural Real Fruit •Freeze-dried Fresh with A Natural Crunch •Premium Dark Chocolate •Clean Ingredients •Extended Shelf Life •Gluten Free •Kosher-OU-D •Trans Fat-Free •Lower in Calorie •Made in The USA
Tru Fru BEST SELLER Grab & Share Pack | 100% Freeze-Dried Fresh Fruit Covered in Premium Dark Chocolate. 6ct-Pack Case, 4oz, 24 Servings (1-CHERRIES, 1-COCONUTS, 2-RASPBERRIES, 1-BANANAS, 1-STRAWBERRIES)