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Freeze Drying to Preserve Your Hunt

Experienced hunters know that the best hunts are the result of careful planning, dedication, and applied knowledge. From deciding where to hunt, to what gear to bring along, all considerations matter when trying to have the most successful outing possible. Recently, hunters and discovering how a home freeze dryer helps them prepare for a hunt as well as to preserve their game after a successful hunting trip.

Freeze Dried Meals

Many hunting trips last for more than one day and they’re usually in remote areas. For many types of large game, such as deer or elk, there can be quite a bit of hiking around involved as well. Due to these factors, freeze dried meals are a favorite among hunters. Freeze dried food is lightweight, easily packed around, and does not need to be kept cold to avoid spoiling. With a home freeze dryer, you can prepare a variety of meals to take along on your next hunting trip. Everything from meats, pastas, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and soups can be freeze dried.

Healthy Snacks

Between meals, it pays off to stay sharp while hunting. Snacking can keep your energy levels up and help you to avoid distractions. Freeze dried fruit is a great snack anytime, especially on a hunt. Easy to pack along, freeze dried fruit is lightweight, packed with nutrition, and delicious. Other healthy freeze dried snacks include yogurt drops, cheese cubes, and vegetables.

Preserving Your Game

After a successful hunt, you’re often left with a lot of meat to preserve. Freezing is a common way to keep meat for longer periods of time, but the quality of the meat degrades over time. Whether you hunt small or large game, your hunt can be preserved by freeze drying at home. Freeze dried meat will stay fresh for up to 10 years without a freezer, and you don’t lose any of the meat’s flavor, texture, or nutrition. There’s simply no better way to preserve your game than with a home freeze dryer.

Save Space and Energy

While many hunt for sport, there are many who hunt as a way to provide for their families. Rather than filling large deep freezers with game, you can freeze dry the meat and store it on a shelf. Unplugging and eliminating those large freezers will save a lot of money in energy costs while freeing up storage space. A family can preserve enough meat to easily last through the winter months while minimizing their energy usage.

Beyond the Hunt

Freeze dryers can be used to enrich your life in many ways. You can preserve food as part of an emergency preparedness plan, reduce food waste, have healthier foods for daily snacking, and much more. A freeze dryer is a great addition to any home and will help any family to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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