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portable emergency shelters

Find comfort in being prepared

Harvest Right’s Geodesic Domes (patent pending) are versatile structures, adaptable to a variety of uses, including portable recreation and emergency shelters. The curved interior offers superior circulation, and continuous solar collection and retention, making them suitable temporary shelters for humans during both summer and winter.

The ambient temperature can comfortably sustain life even in cold climates, mountains, deserts, or tropics. In the event that a disaster occurs, such as a tornado, an earthquake or a hurricane, your family can adequately and comfortably use the geodesic dome as a temporary shelter.

These shelters are perfect for small or large families and groups. Stoves can be placed in them for heating and cooking. They are solid, tight, and weather resistant.

Easy Setup

Patent-pending design makes our portable greenhouses easy to put up and take down. The 24’ diameter dome can be set up in just two to three hours with one or two people. No tools required!

UV Resistant

Rip-stop breathable fabric that is durable and long-lasting..

High Quality Ventilation

Easy access door (4′ x 7′) can be kept open or securely closed. High quality windows for venting and cooling-simply zip open when the interior temperature gets too warm.

Bug Screen

Our high quality “no-see-um” bug screens come on all windows and doors.

Stronger Frame

Geodesic domes have great strength because they distribute load throughout all structure members. The rounded shape deflects wind and allows snow to slide off.

Wood Burning Stove

The stove Jack in the top of the dome can be used with a wood burning stove, along with an optional inner cover to create an insulated air space to better preserve interior heat during cold weather.

Pick the size that’s best for your needs

16-foot Diameter

  • 202 square feet interior space
  • 2,999
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24-foot Diameter

  • 452 square feet interior space
  • 3,599
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