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A big part of being prepared for an emergency is having food storage; but purchasing a 3 month or even a year’s supply of food can be expensive. Now, you can do it far better and at a cheaper price. If you are concerned about a possible disaster or just want something in your cupboard that you can eat every day, you should consider a home freeze dryer.

Save Money

Freeze drying your own food adds up to big savings quickly, no matter what type of food you’re storing. See the chart below (click to enlarge) for an idea on how much you can save with a home freeze dryer versus purchasing freeze-dried food.

*Harvest Right home freeze-dried food includes the cost of the food, the food storage packaging, and the cost of running and maintaining the freeze dryer.

A Freeze Dryer Pays for Itself in Less Than a Year

Freeze drying at home is the smart choice for a family looking to build food storage in the best and most economically responsible way.

  • Save up to 90% over pre-packaged food storage
  • Save over $7,500 per year with a freeze dryer
  • Save on average $25 per number 10 can of food

Eat Healthier

With a home freeze dryer from Harvest Right, your food storage will now include your favorite meals, meats, fruits, and desserts—all without the preservatives that are put into store bought emergency meals. While pre-packaged food storage might seem convenient, they are lacking in nutrients and are packed with fillers and additives.

Store food for up to 25 years without preservatives.

Tastes Better – Greater Variety

With a freeze dryer, you can freeze dry all your favorite foods, and the quality is far superior to what you get with pre-packaged freeze-dried foods. You will actually enjoy eating the foods you store, and you won’t be limited to a small selection of foods.

It is fun, easy and very inexpensive to create your own food storage!

The Harvest Right
Home Freeze Dryer

Before I heard about the [Harvest Right] Freeze Dryer, I purchased [two sets of] what was called a 2-person, 1-year food supply on a sale.  Shortly after, twelve food boxes showed up. I thought, Wow, that’s all I get for $6,000.00? My wife then told me about the freeze dryer. I bought one about a year ago and it’s been running 24/7 since. I now have over fifty boxes of great food. Yes! This machine would be a bargain, even if it cost $10,000!

Keith – Oakley, UT


Save money

When creating a food storage with an in-home freeze dryer, you save large amounts of money over buying pre-packaged food storage. You can save leftovers, garden suruplus, and you can also purchase foods in season or on sale to add variety to your emergency food storage. Freeze drying at home is the smart money choice.

Stop Wasting Food

The average family of four wastes $2,500 a year in uneaten food. While many of us try hard not to be wasteful, we often can’t keep up with the rate our gardens mature or how quickly food spoils in the refrigerator. With a freeze dryer you can save food for up to 25 years with minimal effort.

Save Stress

Due to the upfront cost of buying pre-packaged food storage, it can be stressful to buy enough food for your family’s needs. With a freeze dryer, you can create enough food storage for your entire family at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the cost benefit, the quality of food from a freeze dryer is far superior to pre-packed emergency food storage. Enjoy the food you store.








Preserve raw or cooked meats, fish, shell fish, eggs, cheese, and cooked beans or rice – just to name a few. Soups, sauces, and other ingredients can be freeze dried and later used whenever they’re needed.

Freeze dry your special recipes, including things like fettuccine alfredo, beef stroganoff, and scalloped potatoes. Just add water and warm. They will be delicious and ready to serve. Have an emergency food storage of food that you actually enjoy eating.