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Elevate Your Day Hikes

Freeze dried food has always been popular with backpackers and hikers. When the weight of everything you carry matters, having snacks and meals that don’t weigh you down can help you enjoy your time on the trail. Not only are freeze dried foods light, but they retain their nutritional value and taste far more than dehydrated or processed foods do, making them a perfect match for hikes through the backcountry. Harvest Right freeze dryer owners love making their own snacks, trail mixes, and meals to take out on the trail. Here are a few reasons why freeze-dried food is the hiker’s snack of choice:

Better Nutrition for More Energy

When hiking, keeping properly fueled is key. There are a million different granola bars, energy bars, gels, and snacks that are geared towards providing quick energy fixes for hikers. In reality, many of these bars are doing nothing more than providing a quick energy spike, and they’re not very healthy. When it comes down to it, complex carbohydrates from fruits and some added protein are the best things you can eat while hiking to keep your energy levels consistent. Freeze dried fruits, such as apples, pineapple, berries, and bananas are excellent sources of carbohydrates that won’t give energy spikes followed by a crash. And while dehydrated fruit is often popular among hikers, freeze dried food is far more healthy. While dehydrating can remove as much as 70% of a fruit’s nutrients, freeze drying preserves over 90%. Pair freeze-dried fruits with nuts for a perfect trail mix that will keep you feeling great.

Lightweight and Compact

Every ounce and every inch in your pack matter when you’re trekking across mountain trails. Freeze-dried foods weigh a mere fraction of what other snacks weigh, and they’re far easier to pack. With a small sandwich bag, you can bring several servings of fruit, and not have to worry about them bruising or weighing down your bag.

Cost Effectiveness and Convenience

Energy bars are expensive, especially for how ineffective they are at providing valuable nutrition and consistent energy on the trail. For a fraction of the price, freeze dryer owners can prepare fruit ahead of time and have it on hand for whenever it’s needed. When compared to the leading energy bar brand, a pound of fruit is almost half the cost of an ounce of energy bar. Freeze dried fruits have a shelf life of up to 25 years, so it’s easy to keep any extras on hand for the next trip. Any uneaten energy bars will need to be consumed soon after or they’ll simply go to waste.


Because freeze drying preserves a food’s natural flavor, you can leave the preservatives and food additives behind. The fruit that you freeze dry yourself has no preservatives, no additives, and no coloring. Whole, natural foods taste so much better than sugary energy bars that are packed full of non-nutritional additives and color.

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