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    • A Welcome to the HarvestRight Forum!
      Jackie Barron Welcome to the Harvest Right forum! I’m Jackie, a fellow Harvest Right home freeze dryer user, and I’m excited to facilitate this forum! Here I will post tips on how to best freeze dry a variety of foods. I’ll include things like: how to cut foods, how to prepare foods and how to rehydrate foods. I’ll also share things to consider while preparing your food for long-term food storage. I will provide pictures and some video at times. This is how the forum will work: I will post topics like, “Let’s talk meat!” or “Let’s talk vegetables!” or “Let’s talk snacks!” You will then be able to scroll through the topics and find the one that interests you or meets your needs. If you find that you have a comment, question, or something you’d like to add to the post, you are welcome to reply to the topic it applies to. I will be monitoring and approving all responses to make sure we stay on topic and make the most effective use of the forum. I will not be monitoring 24/7, but I will be checking the forum regularly. If you have a question that needs a faster response contact or call 1-800-700-5508. Please note that I am not a technical support person. If you have technical questions about your Harvest Right home freeze dryer, I will kindly refer you to support@harvestright.com   Let’s get started!
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    • Let’s Talk Fruit
        1L3A3552(Modified)   HR   1L3A3621   Freeze-Dried-Strawberries I love that I can freeze dry my favorite fruits from home! I love that they retain their shape, color, and most of all, fresh taste! I can preserve them for salads, smoothies, gelatins, snack, etc. They can be rehydrated or eaten as a tasty snack in their freeze-dried state. In this forum we will talk about tips and tricks for freeze drying a variety of delicious fruit.
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