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Quick and Convenient Meals With a Freeze Dryer

One of the most overlooked advantages that come with owning a freeze dryer is how much convenience it can bring into your life. While many use their freeze dryers to create an emergency food supply or to support a more healthy way of life, you can also use your freeze dryer to have delicious meals on hand that can be ready at a moment’s notice. Whether you intentionally choose to prepare meals for later, or you’re cutting down on food waste by preserving leftovers, you can save a wide variety of complete meals that will stay fresh for up to 25 years.

The Unexpected Guests

Entertaining friends and family is important, but sometimes you have little time to prepare, especially when it comes to providing meals for more people than you’re used to. When extra guests arrive, it’s easy to take out some freeze dried meals and quickly rehydrate them. Since freeze dried food preserves all the taste, nutrition, and flavor, your guests won’t even know that the meal was prepared ahead of time. Pasta dishes, chicken and vegetables, soups, potatoes, beef stroganoff, and much more can be quickly prepared from a freeze dried state.

Spend More Quality Time with Family

Far too often we set aside the things we really want to do in order to satisfy daily demands. When meal time approaches, we often have to cut short our family outings in order to have time to prepare a good meal, or worse, we rely on fast food to get us by. While it’s ok once in a while to eat a quick meal, especially if it allows for extra family time, it’s far more preferable to always have an easy, nutritious option at meal time. It is nice to have an extra hour during family time and still know that when you get home, a healthy and flavorful meal is only a few minutes from being ready.

Special Diet Considerations

Most of us know someone who has special dietary needs. Food allergies, gluten or dairy intolerance, or even vegetarian or vegan diets can easily be accommodated by freeze drying. Since most meals are readily freeze dried, you can prepare meals ahead of time, making it easy to quickly have a full meal that is safe and enjoyable for guests or family members who have special dietary needs.

Preparing for an Emergency

We hope it never happens, but the reality is that many of us will face an emergency at some point in our lives. Whether that emergency is a natural disaster, a financial one, or possibly the result of civil unrest, we may find ourselves confined to our homes for days or even weeks before conditions normalize. With a little advanced preparation, you can easily build up a food supply that can sustain your entire family for a year or longer. While others wait for help to arrive, you can have access to complete and nutritious meals that will store for up to 25 years without refrigeration. Having the security that an emergency food supply brings is very reassuring.

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