Recently one of our customers, Sean O., posted a review of his new Harvest Right Freeze Dryer on his blog. Sean says his freeze dryer took 14 days to arrive and only took about an hour to set up. His blog post outlines his first attempts, including freeze drying mashed potatoes, ground beef, shredded cheese, bananas, blueberries, celery and carrots.

Sean shared some good tips for getting your freeze dryer set up correctly, and writes about his experience with Harvest Right customer service, and how much money he expects they’ll save by freeze drying their own food. And we appreciated his honest feedback…

 I know that the cost of the freeze dryer is a bit pricey for a lot of people but believe me it is well worth it. We did some math and figure that if we were buying #10 cans of what we are freeze drying ourselves it would cost us about three times as much. The Harvest Right freeze dryer will pay for itself in less than a year. Not to mention that you can freeze dry things you can’t buy in #10 cans – like leftovers.

Thanks for the review, Sean!