Freeze drying protein is so important for several reasons, the first one being that in an emergency you can’t live on freeze dried pudding drops, as much fun as that would be. Freeze drying protein also allows you to take advantage of bulk sales and co-op meat shares without worrying about freezer burn.

Freeze drying protein is so easy – you can even fill each one of the four trays with a different kind of food so you have an instant variety of stored protein. You can freeze dry any kind of meat, plus eggs and seafood. When you’re ready to serve, just reconstitute them using water. You can use freeze dried proteins in recipes, but you can also use them as-is. Remember, freeze drying just removes water and leaves all the flavor and nutritional content. It’s all still in there!

We freeze dried these shrimp, reconstituted them with water, then dipped them in cocktail sauce and polished off the pan immediately. So good!

To learn more about freeze drying proteins watch our video that addresses many of the questions about how to freeze dry meat.

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