We’ve been sharing new videos to show you how simple it is to freeze dry and quickly rehydrate entire meals. Our freeze-dry community members can tell you, the ability to make a nutritious, hot, filling meal in a flash starts to feel like a super power. Long day and don’t feel like cooking? One of life’s small emergencies crop up? Just heat up some water and the problem is solved.

In this new video we show you how easy it is to freeze dry and rehydrate cheese tortellini with a creamy tomato basic soup and a mushroom and spinach salad. That’s right, we’re freeze drying and rehydrating pasta! Notice in this video that we’re not shy about filling those trays. For example, mushrooms don’t have to be on a single layer for freeze-drying success.

We’d also like to point out that we’re freeze drying one whole meal – different foods – in the same run. The flavors won’t mix. As you’ll see in the video, when the food comes out of the freeze dryer it is vibrant, colorful and looks exactly like it did when it went it. That’s because only the water is removed during the process, not the nutrients.

To rehydrate the pasta, just add hot water until it’s soft or put the pasta right into a pot of water on your stove and bring it to a boil like you would any other pasta. For the soup/sauce, mix in hot water until it reaches your desired creamy consistency. Although the video doesn’t show this, to rehydrate the spinach, we sparsely spritzed it with water to bring it back. In fact, if it’s a humid day you may just be able to leave the spinach on the counter for a little while to rehydrate. To rehydrate the mushrooms we put them in water for a minute and then let them dry on a paper towel.

Watch our pasta dinner video to see for yourself how easy it is to freeze dry and rehydrate entrees and side dishes. We think this is the perfect brown-bag lunch for the office. Who wouldn’t look forward to that delicious meal?