iPhone saved by freeze dryer

Tom and Sharon Clark & their saved iPhone

Yes, it does seem that you can truly freeze dry almost anything, and we recently heard a story that takes the cake. A few weeks ago, a Harvest Right employee (Dan) received a call from a neighbor (Sharon) who said that she and her husband (Tom) needed to talk to him right away. When Dan arrived, Tom and Sharon told him a story he couldn’t believe.

Sharon’s iPhone had gotten accidentally immersed in water, and to make matters worse, she didn’t discover it for some time. By the time she found it, it was full of water and actually sloshed when she shook it. The next day, she visited her local iPhone store. As predicted, they told her there was little hope of saving the phone but she could try submerging it in rice as that is known to absorb moisture. Back at home, Sharon consigned her soggy phone to a bag of rice for a few days, but in the end it still didn’t work. Since they were leaving on a week’s vacation the next day, she put the phone aside and tried to forget about it. However, as they were driving down the road, Sharon started crying as she thought about all of the pictures of their children and grandchildren that were on it, not to mention all of her phone numbers and addresses for family, friends, doctors, and business contacts. Yes, unfortunately the phone hadn’t been backed up. Still, she tried to put it behind her and enjoy her vacation.

When she and her husband returned from their trip, Sharon told her next door neighbor Tim about their vacation as well as her drowned iPhone.  Tim, an electrical engineer who owns a Harvest Right freeze dryer, had an idea. He asked Sharon if she would let him perform an experiment on her phone. With no hope of fixing it any other way, Sharon agreed. Tim put the phone in his freeze dryer, skipped the initial freeze and let it run for a couple of hours. The next day, Tim presented Tom and Sharon with a phone that looked perfect and didn’t slosh. Sharon charged it, powered it on, and to her astonishment the phone worked! In fact, it worked as good as new! Two months later, her phone continues to work perfectly.

Of course, we can’t guarantee freeze drying will revive your drowned phone, but Sharon’s neighbor Tim and all of us at Harvest Right continue to be amazed as to what our remarkable freeze dryer can do!