If you’re a one person household, cooking can be tricky. While other shoppers get excited about economies of scale, and grocery stores aim to sell family-sized packages and bundles of everything, single cooks are in a never-ending battle with food (and money) waste.


The game changes, however, when you have a home freeze dryer. With a home freeze dryer you can take advantage of bulk pricing at the grocery store, or buy any food sold in a serving size meant for two or more. With this strategy, you cook once, put the rest of the portions in the freeze dryer, and save them for other meals. There’s no flavor contamination with the freeze drying process, which means you can freeze dry a meal of roasted turkey breast, fresh asparagus and roasted potatoes, for example, all in the same load. To reconstitute them, just add water until they return to their original consistency. They will each taste just as fresh as the original meal.

Turkey After-2

Or, you can make a whole pot of chili, freeze dry what you don’t eat immediately, and preserve the rest for later. That means no more dividing entire recipes by four or eight, and no more skipping favorite meals because they’re scaled up for a large family.


Freeze drying also allows you to buy regular portions of foods that have a short shelf life, such as delicate fruits, fish or shellfish. With a home freeze dryer, you don’t need to ask for six shrimp if you want shrimp cocktail for dinner. Just buy the pound and freeze dry what you don’t eat immediately, including the rest of the jar of cocktail sauce. When the craving for shrimp hits, just reconstitute your leftovers with a little water.

Shrimp After-2