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Building a Nutritional Safety Net

For the last few years there have been regular events and news headlines that cause us to wonder if life as we know it is all that stable. We watched as the seemingly impossible unfolded on 9/11, then again with Hurricane Katrina and again with Hurricane Sandy. These are examples of how, in very short

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How Freeze Drying Saves Money

A family of four can freeze dry enough food to get a full return on the investment on a home freeze dryer with in a year. The ability to freeze dry food is a total game-changer for the family budget. You'll reduce grocery bills by being able to buy food in bulk and take advantage

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Freeze Drying vs. Dehydrating: Which is Better?

Of the food preservation methods, freeze drying and dehydrating seem similar, but they are actually very different processes. Dehydrating only removes some of the water from food, so dehydrated food often has a short shelf life and a sometimes a thicker, chewy-type texture. Freeze drying on the other hand removes nearly all of the water

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How Much Energy Does Freeze-Drying Use?

Freeze drying four trays of food in a Harvest Right freeze dryer takes between 24 and 36 hours. You can freeze dry about 6-10 pounds of fresh food in each batch. One of the great benefits of freeze drying is that it can save you money by allowing you to buy food in bulk and preserve your

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New Year’s Resolution: Emergency Food Storage

Looking back on 2015, we couldn't have anticipated the wild weather patterns we saw across the U.S. While those of us in the West were battling drought, our friends in the South were coping with epic flooding. And that was just one of the curve balls! While we can't control what's headed toward us in

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How to Add More Veggies to Your Diet

Like many, you may have a New Year's resolution to eat healthier. That means adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Current recommendations for adults are at least five cups a day! That can seem like a lot of chewing, especially if you're new to cooking and eating vegetables. One of the best ways

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Freeze-Dried Flavorings

Freeze-dried flavorings are one of the best kept secrets in the home freeze drying world. The concept is simple: Freeze dry the natural source of any flavor (such as fruits, herbs or even your favorite coconut-flavored yogurt), grind the freeze-dried chunks into a powder, then use the powders to flavor frostings, fillings, batters, dressings or

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Re-hydrating Freeze-Dried Food for the Holidays… and Beyond

A home freeze dryer can make holiday feasts and parties so much easier. Freeze drying allows you to make snacks, entrees and side dishes ahead of time, then quickly re-hydrate and serve. Instead of cooking all day and feeling too exhausted to enjoy your party or holiday meal, you can make, freeze-dry and store dishes

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Delicious Freeze-Dried Yogurt Drops

Freeze drying yogurt is not only easy - the result is delicious. We talked a bit about it in an earlier post, but thought we'd expand on the topic here. Yogurt is such a healthy food, especially if it's low-fat and low (or no) sugar. Yogurt drops make a great snack for little ones because

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Our New TV Commercial — What Would You Show Out the Window?

We just produced a brand new TV commercial about the value of Harvest Right freeze dryers! We thought we'd ask our Harvest Right fans for their clever ideas for what other possible scenes we could show out the windows at the end of the commercial. We'll pick one person to win a $250 Amazon gift card! So

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