Your Chance to Win a FREE Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Would you like a chance to win a FREE Harvest Right freeze dryer? Countryside Magazine is giving you the chance! All you have to do is enter the Preserve the Harvest contest and you’ll be in the running to win useful food preservation gear like a food press, canning jars, pectin, pollinators and more. Your entry will also make you eligible for the grand-prize drawing in mid-September for Harvest Right freeze dryer (valued at $4300). The contest ends September 15th, so enter now, and enter every week!

Harvest Right freeze dryer owners are a great group of people. As founders, we can talk all day about our freeze dryers, but what’s more interesting and compelling are the conversations happening between freeze dryers owners, or freeze dryer owners and people who are thinking about buying one. Harvest Right customers are freeze drying everything you can think of! Their tips and experiments are invaluable – be sure to check out their tips on YouTube and join the conversation on Facebook. Not only do we love seeing videos and reading your emails and Facebook posts about what you’re freeze drying, other freeze dryer owners and shoppers do too. We thought this post from Dawn R. on Facebook was great:

There is precious little that can’t be freeze dried! This is the best thing we have purchased in years. We have had it running non-stop for 4 months and have dried a HUGE variety of things. The only thing that we found so far that wasn’t good was was cucumbers. They were ok dried, but not good when reconstituted. Cheese must be grated and is great. Avocados, berried, pears, apples, egg are great! Just scramble them raw and dry. The powder (crystals) are great reconstituted for scrambled eggs or used for baking and cooking. Much better than egg powder. I recommend this to everyone. Expensive? Not when you consider how much you save drying things for later. Beats canning jars! FD food will store for at least 7 years in a jar with an oxy packet in it and put the lid on. Just can’t say enough good about this machine!

While you’re waiting for your chance to win your free Harvest Right freeze dryer, get in on the conversation and start planning how you’re going to make life easier with your new machine!


I love this idea. We try to keep a garden going for our family. Do many times time gets by faster than our family and friends can east what we grow. I love that one can store food for so long with this system. I’m so impressed!

Hi, today I entered in a contest to win a freeze dryer, I’m excited and I can’t wait to store my own healthy food that can be stored for up to twenty four year’s.

Thank you

Harvest right. Com

Sincerely, Paula

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