Healthier To-Go Food with Freeze Drying

Those of us buried under a few feet of snow are getting very serious about planning a summer vacation. (As soon as I can get my front door open again, I’m outta here.) Freeze drying keeps coming up in vacation conversations so I thought I’d share with you how some of our friends in the freeze-drying community are planning to use their favorite household appliance to make vacationing – and traveling in general – easier and healthier.

1. Don & Kathy’s RV Trip – Our friends Don & Kathy are new empty nesters and they’re about to embark on a six week drive from coast to coast in an RV. (Actually, it’s an old converted Westfalia camper with the pop-up top, but you get the idea.) While Don will eat anything that isn’t moving, Kathy is on the Paleo Diet; fast food and gas station goodies simply aren’t on the menu for her. In order to maintain the diet that helps her feel good and maintain her weight, she’s busy creating a stash of her favorite Paleo meals for the trip.

Freeze dried meals and snacks are a perfect fit for their little retro Westfalia because they don’t need refrigeration and they are very compact. Did I mention they’re taking their two dogs? Kathy’s also taking along six weeks of freeze-dried pet friendly meals for her furry copilots.

2. Ed & Barb’s Sailing Trip – We have friends on the East coast (the warm part) who spend their summer vacation sailing from St. Augustine Florida to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. Their sailboat is small by yacht standards – only 38′ – so space is at a premium. Ed’s the cook in the family so he’s creating a menu of meals that can be prepared quickly and eaten at sea, even in rough conditions. Their favorite sailing meal is vegetable lasagne. Barb says it’s got vegetables, protein and carbohydrates in near perfect proportions and is delicious on chilly, windy evenings.

3. The Wright Family Goes to Disneyland – The Wrights are a large family of seven who have been planning a trip to Disneyland for a year. Now, if you have a large family, you know that eating in restaurants is a special challenge. If you’ve ever been to a mega-resort you also know it’s extremely expensive to feed yourself, much less five kids!

The family shopped around and found a suite-style hotel with a compact kitchen. Each of the kids gets to choose the whole menu for one day of the trip and help prepare (and freeze dry) the meals in family-size portions. The kids are allowed one snack in the park per day, otherwise they’ll eat back at their hotel kitchen or at the picnic grounds by the hotel pool. What a cost savings!

4. Bev & Mike’s Colorado Getaway – Our friends Bev & Mike have swapped their large family home in beautiful Santa Monica for a small cabin in Colorado. They’ve also convinced grandma & grandpa to take the kids! Their plan is to hole up in their cabin for a week, talk long walks and bike rides, and read the books and watch the movies all parents miss when their kids are young. They have no plans to hit any restaurants, instead they are freeze drying a week’s worth of three-course gourmet dinners and planning simple breakfasts and lunches. Sounds like heaven.

I love these ideas – not only do they free up vacation funds, they streamline meals and eliminate cooking. And, everybody gets to have their favorite foods on hand, including the food that helps them stay healthy. If you’re planning a trip and taking freeze dried meals along, share your story on our Facebook page – you may inspire others!

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