Geodesic Greenhouses for Year-Round Gardening

In our last post we talked about how owning your own home freeze dryer can help you take full economic advantage of home gardening. If you look at your last weekly grocery bill and add up how much you spent on fresh, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables then multiply that by 52, you’ll get a good idea of how much you could save every year by growing and preserving your own produce. If you’d like to save money at the grocery store, eat more fruits and vegetables, or would like to enjoy more organic fruits and vegetables but find it’s cost prohibitive, growing your own food in a geodesic greenhouse is a great investment in your future.

How it Works

A geodesic greenhouse is a portable dome structure that can extend your growing season year-round and even allow you to grow plants outside your zone – including fruit. Our energy efficient geodesic greenhouses have curved interiors that continuously circulate air and collect solar heat through clear, durable polycarbonate panels.  Automatic venting systems are heat activated and require no external electricity to operate. These preset adjustable vents open and close to cool or warm the interior space as needed. Our domes have sturdy coverings that slow down nighttime heat loss and help maintain ambient day and night temperatures. The north wall of each structure may be covered with foil-faced packed insulation to help control temperatures during hotter months.

The best part is our domes are completely portable and easy to assemble and come with configurable grow boxes so you can arrange your indoor garden however you like. They come in three sizes: 16’, 24’ and  32’ diameter. These domes can even be used as emergency shelters and are especially useful in cold weather regions where loss of power can mean enduring freezing temperatures in the house until power to the grid is restored. Our geodesic domes are always warm!

Benefits of Geodesic Dome Greenhouses

  • Setup in one hour by one person
  • One third the price per square foot of growing space to comparable greenhouses
  • Struts made of anodized aircraft aluminum.
  • Coverings have a 6 year warranty (likely to last 10 to 15 years)
  • Withstand 100 mph winds, rain, hail, cold winters, earthquakes and more
  • Snow easily slides off
  • Can be used as a greenhouse, a portable living shelter and a swimming pool cover
  • No ‘cold corners’ such as those found in rectangular green houses and shelters
  • Dome encloses the greatest volume of space with the least surface area of external material
  • Grow more food vertically with the least amount of energy loss

Since we’ve just come out of a long winter, it’s not hard to recall the high prices we’ve all paid for out-of-season fruit and vegetables, and thanks to a drought in citrus growing areas, if you want a lime this year, forget it! Even though we try to eat in-season, by February everybody is tired of root vegetables and we’re all dreaming of tomato sandwiches and fresh, crisp beans. Owning your own geodesic greenhouse means you can grow and harvest your own vegetables all year. Imagine farmer’s market fresh tomatoes in December or picking fruit from your own orange or lemon tree in February. Not only can you enjoy fresh food, you can preserve the rest of your harvest for later use. Geodesic greenhouses allow your family to be less dependent on a less-than-ideal food supply chain. If you want to go totally organic, grow your own and skip the high prices and pesticides at the grocery store. If you’d like to learn more, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you get started.


We are just now ready to finish paying off our freeze dryer. Please send me info on the green house. We live in the Colorado Mountains. Will it work in high altitude and cold weather?

The geodesic greenhouses are not currently available to purchase on our site, however, one of our sales reps could get you information about inventory and when they are expected to be back in stock. Call 800-700-5508, they will be able to answer your questions.

You could call in and talk to one of our sales reps about ordering and available inventory. We don’t list the greenhouses on our site anymore. 800-700-5508

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