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A strong foundation is critical for any structure and your Harvest Right greenhouse is no exception. While the greenhouse does not need a typical foundation to hold it structurally, some type of system is needed to anchor the greenhouse in place and to the ground. A poorly anchored greenhouse increases the likelihood that the greenhouse will fail in high winds. For this reason, it is important to use an appropriate anchoring system dependent on soil conditions, that will securely anchor your greenhouse to the ground.

Below are some of the most commonly used anchoring systems for the Harvest Right greenhouses. Because soil conditions vary, Harvest Right does not make any claims, expressed or implied, as to the actual performance of any of these options.


Ground stakes come in a variety of options and the efficacy of each varies greatly depending on the type of soil. Common ground stakes are shown below and can be purchased at most hardware stores. For anchors tested in various types of soil, we recommend American Earth Anchors (www.americanearthanchors.com) which offers a greenhouse anchoring kit. No matter what anchor you ultimately choose, Harvest Right recommends a minimum of one anchor at each hub location.

Greenhouse Anchoring Options


This type of anchoring system is generally used for the larger 32 ft greenhouse or in cases where the green-house is going to be in an area permanently.

In this method, a hole or “pier” is dug into the soil below the frost line – check your local codes for frost depth. The size and depth of the hole depends on the type of soil and depth of the frost line, but should never be less than 12 in deep by 8 in diameter.

Fill each hole with concrete and suspend a structural component in the concrete pier. Structural components may consist of one of the anchors mentioned above, rebar, eye bolts, etc. These will then be used to secure the greenhouse frame to the concrete pier as shown.

Greenhouse Anchoring Options