How Freeze Drying Works (Video)

Steps to Freeze Dry Food

  • Fresh or cooked foods are placed in the dryer where they are frozen to -40° F or colder.
  • Once the food is frozen, the dryer creates a powerful vacuum around the food. Then, as the food is slightly warmed, the ice transitions into vapor and is drawn out of the food.
  • The freeze-dried food is then sealed in moisture and oxygen proof packaging, (e.g. easy close bags) to ensure freshness until opened.
  • When water is added to the food it regains its original fresh flavor, aroma, texture, and appearance!

nearly every food can be freeze dried

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In-Home Freeze Dryer

Technical Stuff – Freeze Drying at Home

Our patent pending in-home freeze dryer is an amazing appliance. It uses a refrigeration condenser that brings food to -40 degrees Fahrenheit (or colder) and — in combination with a vacuum pump that creates a vacuum inside the drying chamber — it makes freeze drying at home possible for everyone.

Water can only exist as a gas or a solid in a vacuum. After freezing food in this vacuum environment, the dryer gently raises the temperature of the food, causing the water inside the food to evaporate off as a gas, Although slightly warmed, the food is still well below freezing temperature. The evaporated water then freezes to the inner walls of the freeze drying chamber keeping it away from the food while the drying process finishes.

This cold evaporation is what preserves the nutritional value of the food.

After the machine completes its cycle (which takes approximately 24 hours), it then defrosts all on its own. Thanks to the smart technology that we build into each dryer, the entire freeze drying process is completely automated with the push of just one button!

Home Freeze Drying Before Harvest Right

The kind of user-friendly home freeze drying that we’ve explained here was not possible for the average family before we developed our appliance.

In addition to being far too expensive for the average family, older freeze dryer designs required the user to understand complicated machine settings and to monitor and adjust those settings both before and during the drying process.

For most families, the cost and work involved in freeze drying at home just wasn’t feasible. The only option left to most families who wanted their own freeze dried food was to spend thousands of dollars on commercially processed freeze dried food.

All that has changed for the better now! Not only does the Harvest Right machine do all the work for you, it can save your family money in several ways.

3 Ways Freeze Drying at Home Saves Money

Freeze drying food at home saves families money in many ways. Here are just three to consider:

1. Food Waste Management

The average American family wastes thousands of dollars of food each and every year.

By freeze drying your leftovers and surplus food, you will turn food waste into an investment — either by making on-the-go snacks for your family to enjoy later or by boosting your food storage.

2. Low Power Usage

We designed our freeze dryer to be easy on your power bill. There’s no sense in trying to help families save money in one area just to cost them in another.

The dryer plugs into a standard 110v power outlet and draws an average of 11 amps of power per hour (about 1,200 watts).

3. It Pays for Itself

When used to dry food daily, your machine will pay for itself much sooner than you might think.

Considering the low cost of the appliance, most families will be able to dry enough food to fully return the investment in just over a year. We designed our food dryer to stand the test of time, even when used continually, and the food you freeze dry can last up to 25 years.

We’re proud to offer one of the first home appliances of its kind that gives lasting value back to its owners.