Get Prepared, Eat Healthy & Save Money

Ever wondered what the benefits of freeze drying are and what they can do for your family? Read below about how in-home freeze drying can save you time, money, and improve your family’s health.

1) Create a Realistic Family Food Supply

Freeze drying your own food at home will allow you to create a truly family-sized emergency food storage supply for when your family needs it. We say “realistic” because most families don’t know that the majority of major food supply products available count a “meal” as only 200-300 calories worth of food.

The reality is that families would have to purchase close to $10,000 worth of made-to-eat emergency food product kits to provide each family member with the standard daily intake of 1500-2000 calories.

By freeze drying at home with your own freeze dryer, you will be able to preserve the foods and family dishes that you love the most at fraction of the cost of pre-dried products. Whether fruits, vegetables, meats, or desserts, your own freeze dried food will be healthy, inexpensive, and you’ll have plenty to go around.

2) Preserves Taste and Color Perfectly

When freeze drying any food, the process will preserve the taste and color of the food better than any other preservation method available, and, when stored properly, your food will retain its bright appearance and rich flavors for up to 25 years.

Although this might seem unimportant now, survival specialists tell us that morale is extremely important in survival situations, and improving quality of life any way possible is a great way to boost morale. Just think of how much more unpleasant a survival situation would be if all you had to eat were hard, tasteless bricks of rations, or long-preserved canned goods that had lost their flavor years before.

And don’t forget that it is becoming more and more popular for families to freeze dry food for snacks, picnics, and lunches. Part of the reason for this trend owes to the great taste and color of freeze dried foods, and that it’s a great time-saver for creating ready-to-eat quality meals and snacks. You’ll be amazed when you see it (and taste it) for yourself.

3) Save Money on Emergency Food

There’s so much to say here that it’s hard to know where to start. We’ll just list some of the major points below.

Turn waste into preparation. No more wasting food. Leftovers been in the fridge a day or two? Peaches about to go bad? Neighbors just brought you a mountain of zucchinis from their garden that you’ll never eat in time? Don’t Panic. Just put them in your freeze dryer, and now that food you would have wasted is helping you prepare for emergencies. Annual estimated savings of the average American family: $2,275

Create food storage at a fraction of the cost. Much of what you pay for with pre-prepared products is the preparation, not the food itself. Compared to already dried food storage products, freeze drying at home will allow you to create your own food supply at a fraction of the cost.

Pays for itself. With the Harvest Right In Home Freeze Dryer, an average family would be able to dry enough food to cover the initial investment of the machine in just a little over a year.

Low power usage. We specifically designed our machine for low power consumption so that you (and your power bill) can feel comfortable running it 24 hours a day.

4) Reduce Food Waste in the Home

We covered food waste in another section on this page, but mostly talked about how reducing food waste saves money. The economic aspect is only of the beginning of the problem.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from malnourishment, including millions of people in the United States alone. All the while, the majority of Americans throw perfectly good food away as though it were worthless.

All of us are guilty of contributing to what is often referred to as “waste culture” — one way or another — and although reducing your own family’s food waste doesn’t directly help feed those without, it does directly counteract the waste culture that contributes to the world’s hunger problem. The freeze dryer machine we have created gives families a new option to reduce food waste in their homes unlike ever before.

5) Help Protect the Environment

When we cut down on waste, we also help the environment. It’s that simple. Preserving your surplus food will stop that otherwise good food from further filling up our landfills.

6) Eat Healthier and Avoid Additives

Prepackaged, processed meals (canned or freeze dried) may include the following ingredients you do not want in your food:

Sodium Nitrite, Maltodextrin, Monosodium Glutamate, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten, Trans fats, Methylcyclopropene, Astaxanthin, Corn Starch, Food colorings, Olestra… the list goes on and on.

When you choose to do your own freeze drying, your food storage won’t contain a speck of any of the above additives unless the food you put in there contained them already or unless, for some reason, you added them yourself.

For a free white paper on these dangerous food additives click here.

7) Herbs Preserve Best When Freeze Dried

Whether you want to preserve herbs for cooking, aromatic, or medicinal uses, freeze drying is simply the best preservation method for herbs and spices, and here’s why . . .

The great benefit to freeze drying herbs is that they retain 100% of their potency and flavor. Whereas, when dehydrating herbs, for example, the dehydration process destroys about 40% of the herbs’ potency and changes their flavor significantly.

Because potency and flavor are such important factors for any use of herbs, freeze drying is always the best preservation method for them.

8) Freeze Drying Accommodates a
Wide Variety of Diets

The freeze drying process is compatible with virtually any special diet or nutritional need. What you put in is what you get out. We’ve listed below some common dietary concerns about which our customers regularly ask us. Each can be easily met using our home freeze dryer, including many more dietary concerns not listed here.

• No processed foods or preservatives (compatible)

• GMO free ingredients (compatible)

• Gluten free diets (compatible)

• Food allergies (compatible)

If you want to create higher quality, better tasting emergency and camping food that is tailored to you and your family, the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer can make that possible for you unlike any other machine available.